Jasmine [1] is a child who lives in Bushwick.


A few days before the Day of the Dead, at 8:00 pm, Jasmine asked her mother if she could put to ofrendas, a ritual altar, for her recently deceased grandmother, Jenny. Jasmine's mother replied it was too soon and reminded her they have to wait until next year. After her mother left, Jasmine went to bed but suddenly her Amigo Clown began talking to her. The doll said it wasn't too soon to guide her grandmother home. It promised to tell her how to make an ofrendas so wonderful that other ghosts will come to visit just to take take a look at it.

Jasmine listened to Amigo Clown's instructions. When the ofrendas was complete, Grandma Jenny didn't come. Instead, Santa Muerte was tethered to Jasmine's bedroom. Jasmine and her mother were suspended in mid-air in some form of stasis. On the night of the Day of the Dead, Special Agent Melanie Ortiz and Ray Stantz found the ofrendas and Ortiz destroyed it. Jasmine and her mother were restored to normal after Santa Muerte vacated the room. However, Rodefhiri reached from under Jasmine's bed and tried to drag her down through a portal. While Jasmine's mother and Ray held grabbed Jasmine by the arms, Ortiz lowered a Trap into the portal and opened it. Rodefhiri released Jasmine and the portal closed. Jasmine and her mother were looked after by paramedics and interviewed by Officer Monaco and his partner.


IDW Comics


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