Jason[1] (also known as Brownstone Boy #2) was the bratty kid in Ghostbusters II that said what his father had said.


Primary Canon History

Jason was one of the kids at the Brownstone Birthday party. He was the one that quoted his father who had said that the Ghostbusters were "full of crap, and that's why (they) went out of business." [2]

Secondary Canon History

At some point, Jason's family moved to Chicago. He attended Nevermore Elementary School. During a visit from the Chicago Ghostbusters, Jason proclaimed they were full of it and Ron Alexander's hair looked like a toilet brush. Ron got angry and threw chairs.


  • Jason Reitman, who portrayed the Brownstone Boy, is the son of the director Ivan Reitman.
  • In the 2/27/1989 Ghostbusters II script, Jason proceeded to kick Ray in the leg. Ray then grabbed him by the shirtfront. In a low and menacing voice, Ray told Jason he was watching him. [3]
    • An aspect of this scene survives into the final version of the movie. When Winston says "Song," Ray is turning from Jason as the boy sits down clutching his shirtfront before he joins in with the other children.
  • In NOW Comics The Real Ghostbusters starring in Ghostbusters II part 1 he is depicted as a redhead and wearing a yellow shirt instead of blue.


Primary Canon

Secondary Canon


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Primary Canon

Secondary Canon

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