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Jason Dark is a pseudonym for "Helmut Rellergerd" a German writer that has written, adapted, and translated Ghostbusters related print content. He is also known for writing the horror detective stories "John Sinclair".


Helmut is a well known writer of horror detective fiction. First published all the way back in 1966, he is most well known for his long running "John Sinclair" series. He also wrote (under pseudonym Red Geller) twenty novels for "Das Schloß-Trio". He has also wrote for the Don Harris Psycho-Cop. Currently has over 2000 novels under is belt as of 2016.

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Note the picture of Helmut Rellergerd with Ghosthunters - Geisterjäger im Wilden Westen cosplayers and the one with only Helmut Rellergerd was taken by PuzzleCat Entertainment.