Jason Reitman is a director/writer/producer and is the son of Ivan Reitman and brother of Catherine Reitman.

Film and Television Roles

Jason Reitman portrayed Jason (Brownstone Boy) (Brownstone Boy #2) in Ghostbusters II.

Jason Reitman will co-write, direct, and co-produce Ghostbusters (2020 Movie).[1]


In the 1980s up to 2000, Jason Reitman appeared in minor acting roles, worked as a production assistant on his father's movies, and sat in during the editing process.[2] Reitman's directorial debut in feature film was in 2005 with an adaptation of "Thank You For Smoking" after starting out on short films and commercials. He continued to direct, including "Juno", "Jennifer's Body", "Up in the Air", "Young Adult", "Tully", and "The Front Runner".


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