Jennifer [1] (also known as Female Student) [2] was one of the students at Columbia University who participated in Dr. Peter Venkman's study on the effects of negative reinforcement on ESP ability.


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Jennifer was paid $5 to guess the image on the back side of cards that Dr. Venkman held up. Though she never guessed any correctly, Dr. Venkman told her that she was correct, while he shocked the Male Student even if he got the answer right.

The experiment was cut short when Dr. Ray Stantz interrupted the two to take Dr. Venkman to the New York City Public Library to investigate the Library ghost. However, she and Dr. Venkman agreed to meet later that night at 8 pm to continue with the study.

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Jennifer pursued a career as a psychic and opened a business in the East Village called Village Psychic. She became a seasoned practitioner. Some years later, Ray Stantz paid her a visit to get a reading out of curiosity in regard to the future. She drew from her Tarot Cards and the first one to come up was the Death Card. While it usually signaled a form of change, Jennifer was alarmed it was for the future of a Ghostbuster. Ray had to cut the session short and take a rain check after he was called away on a case. Jennifer was curious and drew the next card. To her shock, it was the Tower Card.


  • In the final shooting script, Jennifer is simply described as "a very beautiful Coed" [3]
  • Jennifer was originally planned to play a role in the first two issues of James Eatock and Dan Schoening's rejected ten-issue IDW comics pitch, having summoned the demon Ereshkigal to get revenge on Peter. [4] [5]
  • On page 19 of Ghostbusters Volume 1 Issue #7, to the left of Dean Yeager's card is a card from Jennifer and the interior references the 8 o'clock appointment Peter made with her before he went to the library with Ray.
  • As in the movie, a call about a ghost interrupts a session with Jennifer in Ghostbusters International #1.


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IDW Comics


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