Jeremy and Cindy are the parents of a boy named Scotty, who they took to the grand opening of Fantastic Land just outside of Schenectady.


It started out as a normal family outing for Jeremy, Cindy, and Scotty. Unable to keep Scotty's excitement in check, they rolled with it and stopped for a photo op with one of the clown's working at the park. However, they began to notice the clown looking rather sickly. To their horror, bat constructs emerged from the unwitting clown and swarmed the park. Cindy reached for Scotty only to learn he was possessed. Jeremy and Cindy were taken as two of the Manitou's 16 victims. While the victims were freed as the Manitou possessed Peter, Jeremy and Cindy were reunited with their son and led to safety by Winston Zeddemore.



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