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"Safety lights are for dudes."

- Jillian Holtzmann; Ghostbusters

Dr. Jillian Holtzmann, Ph.D is a former professor from the Kenneth P. Higgins Institute and founder of the Ghostbusters in the 2016 movie, along with Doctors Abigail Yates and Erin Gilbert. Specialized in nuclear engineering, she designed and built their equipment, including the Proton Packs and Sidearms.


Primary CanonEdit

Attended MIT before she worked with Abby Yates at Kenneth P. Higgins Institute. She was along with Abby and a reluctant Erin to Aldridge Mansion Museum. Ultimately, all three witnessed a ghost. Later, both she and Abby were fired from Kenneth P. Higgins Institute.

Secondary CanonEdit

IDW ComicsEdit

Growing up, Jillian Holtzmann didn't identify with people and faked her way through social interactions. She took comfort in being able to make sense of what she built and fixed. That was "home" to her.[1] A teenage Holtzmann decided to use St. Paul's Chapel as the site to conduct her first weapons test despite others urging her not to.[2] She chose the night of Friday the 13th.[3] Holtzmann managed to push her hefty weapon and its cart upstairs into a room. She realized she needed to either start going to a gym or develop a lightweight polymer substitute. She started the weapon but something went wrong. She ran for it and yelled out for anyone to run for their lives. Abby, Erin, Patty, and Holtzmann fled to the cemetery and hid behind headstones. The chapel partially exploded. They noticed each other and ran away in opposite directions. In the end, Holtzmann learned so much and felt the incident was worth it in the end. As part of an experiment at Higgins, Holtzmann tried to implant a memory into Abby. As a result, Abby developed a strong love for soup.[4][5] Holtzmann later met, Erin, Kevin, and Patty. They all got her and it felt like a family. Her life changed.

Patty and Holtzmann went to Queens in search of a ghost to trap for study. After spending a great deal of time there, they encountered Ralph and gave chase. Unaware of a portal that was briefly open in a park, they caught up to the ghost and fired. Patty admonished Holtzmann for blowing up another car. Holtzmann insisted the ghost used its psychic powers to do it. The ghost turned around and charged them. Holtzmann was over it and pulled out one of her Proton Pistols then blew up the ghost. Patty was not too pleased to be drenched in ectoplasm again. Patty called up Abby and informed them they came up short again. Abby told Patty to inform Holtzmann she couldn't blow up anymore ghosts until they trapped at least a Class 5. Patty also informed her Holtzmann blew up more cars. Abby also placed a moratorium on blowing up cars since they were being threatened with the costs.

Abby, Holtzmann, and Patty responded to a call from the Stryker Beach Golf Course in Brooklyn. Holtzmann couldn't resist and asked who had a problem with their balls. Abby chided her but Holtzmann pointed out the expression on a patron's face. She proposed a $20 bet that she could make him fall over. An employee dissuaded her. Holtzmann changed the bet to not make him fall over. He directed them to the 13th green, where the ghost was sighted. Holtzmann didn't like its face and neutralized the ghost with the Ghost Chipper. Abby was dismayed. Holtzmann insisted the ghost's P.K.E. readings were too skewed to be a decent test subject. She declared it was time to head to Queens and marched off. Upon returning to headquarters, Abby fretted about building an observation tank. Holtzmann told her to relax and posited she had maybe three ideas about building one.

A couple weeks later, Holtzmann was woken up in the afternoon by her roommates, Cal and Jim. She emerged from her bedroom half asleep and poured some coffee. She was jolted awake upon hearing the Ghostbusters were on the scene. She ordered Cal to turn up the sound on the news. She watched as Peter Venkman, Winston Zeddemore, and Ray Stantz were interviewed about the appearance of a second Statue of Liberty next to the other. Holtzmann quickly suited up and took off. Cal asked her to pick up milk on the way home but she replied she couldn't because of the metaphysical crisis at hand then suggested Jim handle it since he was good at small tasks. Jim declared she was the worst roommate ever. Cal reminded him she did save the world once and that should buy her some leeway. Jim admitted he would if she didn't pull that sort of excuse on his days off. Holtzmann found the others standing outside the Firehouse. Patty suggested everything was happening like the Star Trek episode that involved the Mirror Universe. Holtzmann reminded her that was just a TV show. They discovered the layout of the interior and its contents were different. Holtzmann scanned the Vigo portrait while she ate some Pringles. They were reunited with Kevin Beckman, who was upstairs with Egon Spengler. Holtzmann raced up the stairs, grabbed Egon by his tie, and asked about his hair-do.

Holtzmann looked at the Paranormal Containment Research Tank and realized it was using ionized glass to keep Slimer inside. She figured she never thought of it because it was a simple design. Abby mistook Slimer as the one they encountered in Times Square but Holtzmann reminded her they blew that one up. Abby wondered if they were in "ghost hell" but Holtzmann pointed out that would just be Hell. Abby told her to be quiet. Holtzmann volunteered to wear the Aura Video-Analyzer helmet and studied the Giga meter in the meantime. They showed them the Interspatial Teleportation Unit in the basement. Holtzmann looked at the Containment Unit and asked who was overcompensating for what. She turned to Ray. Peter implored him to tell her. The teleportation unit was turned on. Holtzmann stuck her hand in but it emerged from the portal well above her arm. That was enough for Egon to be convinced their dimensions were overlapping. Abby wanted more proof. Egon opened a portal to the dimension occupied by the Ghostbusters they helped with against Proteus. Holtzmann stuck her head through and saw versions of Peter Venkman and Egon Spengler talking about stolen cheese. Holtzmann told Egon to lose the rat-tail then pulled back. She noticed the same No Ghost logo, too. Holtzmann declared she wanted a magic doorway, too. Ray started to explain how they seeded the Ghostbusters concept into the subconscious of the Multiverse when they crossed the streams on Gozer's portal. Holtzmann remarked they weren't shy with each other. Ray clarified he meant proton streams. Patty wondered if her team was going to end up fighting Gozer, too, after she remembering hearing "Zuul" during EVP duty. Kylie Griffin speculated they would only be fighting a weaker echo but Holtzmann pinched her cheek and told her the adults were speaking. As they walked back upstairs, Ray stated they were going to need the "usual samples" from them. Holtzmann didn't think that line possibly worked then she answered the front desk's phone and took some information down. Abby didn't think it was the time for them to be working but Holtzmann wanted to zap something and clear her head. She asked who else was up for a boat ride.

Holtzmann was beside herself and was in awe of Marine Ecto-8 and all the equipment the Ghostbusters had. She picked up the Proton Bazooka and asked what the yield was then rescinded on account of wanting to be surprised. Peter Venkman asked Erin and Patty if they ever tried Adderall with her. They tried it to see if it would help with her focus but revealed she put them in a Pez dispenser and popped them like candy but it did little to slow her down. After Erin had a panic attack about Winston Zeddemore looking like Uncle Bill, Peter Venkman looking like Martin Heiss, and Ray Stantz looking like the Cabbie, Holtzmann slapped her. After they arrived on Ellis Island, Holtzmann started dispersing ghosts with her Proton Pistols. Ray grabbed her right arm and told her to stop. He cited the First Law of Thermodynamics and warned her the P.K.E. would reintegrate quickly in the presence of the tear. Holtzmann told him he was worrying too much. There was a boom. Holtzmann told him to not say I told you so. The dispersed ghosts formed into a single powerful entity and attacked them. Holtzmann was annoyed and recalled it never happened when they shredded ghosts in the past. Erin theorized sealing Rowan's breach sucked up a lot of the psychokinetic matter. Holtzmann was more annoyed. She opened the floor to suggestions since they couldn't trap or blow it up. Erin suggested an explosion and ran off with Ray. Patty and Holtzmann got into a debate about what a Kraken looked in relation to the entity. Holtzmann tossed a Proton Grenade at it. Patty brought up the Kraken from "Clash of the Titans" had legs. Holtzmann noted Harry Hausen wasn't worried about accuracy. She dodged a chunk of earth thrown by the entity. Erin weakened the entity with a blast from the Proton Bazooka then Ray captured it with a Megatrap he rigged to explode then swung it from Ecto-4 into the seal. The concentrated explosion sealed the breach. Holtzmann was fuming. She told Erin there would be reprisals for her violating the sacred rules of dibs by using the bazooka before her. She turned to Ray, in a tree, and demanded to know where he was hiding the mini-helicopter. She then asked why he said explosions weren't the answer if an explosion was the solution. Ray corrected her that a ghost would reintegrate unless the P.K.E. was dealt with in some way and an explosion was often the answer in ghostbusting as well as in life. Holtzmann was still mad about the bazooka and helicopter.

While Walter Peck was in the garage bay with Janine demanding a comprehensive update from a Ghostbuster, Holtzmann couldn't help herself. She appeared from behind a column and stated they were on top of everything then reminded him to tip the server. Peck mistook her for one of the fantasy campers from Ghostbusters 101 and asked Janine if it was the time to let them roam free. Holtzmann stated she was from another dimension and could steal a soul with a kiss. She grabbed Peck and told him to pucker up. Peck flinched and told Janine to keep her away from him until things were resolved and to be kept in the loop then left. Holtzmann joked he had nothing to worry about since redheads didn't have souls. Janine told her to watch it but mused she would fit in with that attitude then told her about a call that just came in from the Bronx. On the drive to the Bronx, Holtzmann modified several Traps to open wirelessly through her Upper Arm Remote Trigger. She still couldn't believed they used wired manual traps. Peter couldn't believe she still had energy after a dozen busts in two days. She joked her secret was caffeinated suppositories and patches.

After they parked at Woodlawn Cemetery, Holtzmann skipped ahead of everyone with the modified Traps. She hid them amid graves then found Peter, Winston, and Patty struggling to rein in the Moby Dick Ghost. She fired a Proton Pistol at one of its eyes and proceeded to antagonize it further by whistling and calling it Willy. The ghost took the bait and chased after her. She managed to run back to the spot and opened the Traps. They pulled the ghost apart and trapped it. Upon returning to the Firehouse, Holtzmann flipped out at the sight of the Containment Unit being taken apart. Ray explained it was Abby's idea to repurpose it for their Ultimate Mobile Trap prototype and promised to rebuild it after the incident was resolved. She was eager to know the entirety of the plan. Abby, Holtzmann, and Kylie put the finishing touches on the Ultimate Mobile Trap just as Special Agent Melanie Ortiz arrived. Melanie mistook Holtzmann for her dimensional counterpart in the FBI. Abby was amused at least one of them had a doppelganger. Holtzmann told her she was very mistaken. Melanie remembered Janine told her about people from an alternate universe. Holtzmann asked if her other self was into alien abduction and had a red-headed partner. Melanie hinted she was less "alien abduction" and more "damn fine cup of coffee." Holtzmann declared she needed to meet her then explained some of what was going on with the overlapped dimensions. She was elated to hear Kylie had programmed the horn to sound like Debarge like she asked. Melanie asked what was going on with the Ley Lines, annoying blondes, and duplicate monuments. Holtzmann retorted she wasn't annoying then suddenly popped up between them. Melanie dialed Agent Holtzmann and give the phone to her. Abby introduced herself to Melanie and told her not to worry about Holtzmann since she couldn't resist trying to annoy a federal agent.

Kylie estimated it was time to depart. Abby stated the trap was a two-seater and Holtzmann stated they were the professionals. Holtzmann promised herself she would visit her if she was ever in her dimension again then tossed the phone back to Melanie. Kylie concluded she was worse than Ron Alexander. Abby and Holtzmann stopped in Duffy Square. Abby triggered the trap and the ghost soon manifested from a breach in the sky. After the ghost was trapped, Holtzmann declared they were two for two. The breach remained so the Ghostbusters had little choice but to Cross the Streams on the breach to seal it and separate their dimensions. Holtzmann felt like she was being pulled in a million directions and admitted she was panicking and it hurt. Two weeks later, Peter and Ray visited their dimension to rebuild their Containment Unit as promised. Holtzmann asked if he was going to build them a teleportation unit next. She believed she could build one herself and realized she had some of Ray's memories, including schematics and what it was like to make out with a ghost. Ray inquired about what her actual doctorate was in but Holtzmann asked him to pretend they never talked about it. She introduced Rebecca Gorin and Peter Venkman to each other. Holtzmann and Special Agent Holtzmann became quite close ever since. The Ghostbusters felt their friendship could open new doors in the field of psychology. Peter took the initiative and chose a book title.[6]

Holtzmann was inspired and added some of her tweaks to the design of the Trap the other Ghostbusters used.[7] She couldn't wait to employ the newly modified trap at the at the Yorkville Brownstone case. Abby tried to downplay the situation and stated they did it 100 times before. Holtzmann pointed out it was their 82nd case. Abby retorted she was rounding up. The Ghostbusters were surprised by the sudden manifestation of the Timothy Ghost. Erin and Abby pointed out it was just a child. Patty got wound up and went on a stir about children in horror movies. Erin noticed the ghost had a hoop and stick. Holtzmann added it kept calling them "Mommy." Before they opened fire on it, Holtzmann antagonized it by stating its mom was definitely dead. Timothy transmogrified and attacked them. They took cover by some furniture and used the "Hi-Lo" maneuver to trap the ghost. Holtzmann enjoyed it then revealed she had something cooking back at the Firehouse lab and they had to get back by 5 pm or things would get messy.

Erin asked Kevin to order the usual from Zhu's but resigned herself to the inevitable and the food would never show up like Holtzmann pointed out. Holtzmann placed a diode on Erin's forehead for an experiment while she asked where Abby went. Patty suddenly burst in and shared her discovery of an entry on the brownstone. Patty read out loud a Doctor Kruger lived there in the 1900s and conducted fear experiments. Holtzmann found the name very tacky and too on the nose. She wanted to put a diode on Patty's head, too, but she declined. Holtzmann promised it would only hurt for a second. Patty held her back with one hand then continued with reading the entry. Holtzmann jumped on her back but Patty continued to resist. They realized Abby was possessed again. Holtzmann predicted Abby would be pissed and wondered if there was a susceptibility after someone was possessed for the first time. Erin and Patty yelled at her. Holtzmann reminded herself to conduct a study later then hopped across a table and grabbed her De-Possessor. She went on explaining how she was inspired by Abby's first possession and designed it to reach in and separate the two essences. Holtzmann warned she had to be careful to pull out the ghost but they yelled at her to just use it. Kruger was pulled out of Abby and Holtzmann declared it was all in the wrist. Kruger attacked and drained them of energy. They fell to the floor. Holtzmann felt oddly terrified, too. Abby implored her to use the Ghost Zamboni and allowed her to skip safety testing. Holtzmann was stunned and quickly pulled off the tarp. Kruger resisted its pull, burst through the upper floors, and escaped into the city. They ran to the roof and saw him at the Empire State Building. Holtzmann declared she was going to need so many new weapons to take out Kruger.

Holtzmann liked Patty's idea of a making a new weapon but she wanted more field data from Kruger in order to build something that would be effective. Even though they would get their butts kicked again. Holtzmann tried putting her spin on the St. Crispin's Day Speech but Patty wasn't having any of it. The Ghostbusters attacked Kruger at full power but he resisted. Holtzmann noticed there were multiple streams of an unidentified energy powering him up. Kruger sent their consciousnesses into the Nightmare-Scape. Holtzmann found herself in a office cubicle in a room adorned with signs repeating the message of "Obey," "Consume," "Reproduce," and "Conform." The rows of cubicles seemed endless. A robot manager droned on about TPS reports. Holtzmann jumped out of the cubicle, went back for a printer, then ran to the unisex restroom. She attempted to disassemble the printer and invent something but her hands and fingers suddenly went limp, flat, and curled, unable to create anymore. Holtzmann's fears were of corporate America, conforming, and not being able to create.[8]

40 minutes after their defeat at the hands of Kruger, Erin broke the silence inside Betty's Diner and spoke up but Patty got irritated and confirmed it was too soon. Erin agreed what they experienced was awful but refused to give up and took solace they got away. Abby disagreed and pointed out they didn't know anything. Erin was sure they would figure it out. Holtzmann clarified Kruger let them go because they had nothing to offer and were unimpressive. She left the diner sullen. Erin found her in the alley with her Proton Pack and for once, she didn't want to talk. Erin went first and admitted she was more afraid to see Holtzmann unwilling to overcome a challenge than her fear of bees. Holtzmann started laughing. Patty and Abby joined them. Holtzmann continued to laugh at Erin's expense. She clarified she was laughing at her fear, not her, but the others weren't catching on. Holtzmann clarified someone's fear was dumb to someone else and the reason they lost was the specificity. She theorized it could free them, too, and was ready to get back to work. The others were glad she was back. They drove back to the Firehouse. Kevin Beckman was used as a test subject after he promised to be very quiet. She bypassed aspects of the device so Kevin wouldn't wet himself. The Dream Machine gave mixed results but through a freak discovery, Holtzmann learned it made perfect scrambled eggs. She admitted it still had a long way to go before it could be of any help.

Patty couldn't believe Holtzmann considered Erin and Abby screaming a partial success and called her definitions weird. Holtzmann also used the Dream Machine at the same time to make scrambled eggs for Erin and Abby. Kevin brought her a record and frisbee instead of plates. Patty believed he wasn't even trying but Holtzmann classified it as creative problem-solving. She admitted she found it inspiring and wanted to study him the next time they had a break. Holtzmann was at an impasse. She could create a dream merge but couldn't control it. Holtzmann wanted to implant memories but nobody would agree to it. After several hours, they made little progress. Abby suggested more power but Holtzmann cited she would need a Neutron Bomb as a power source and recalled a man she knew in Brighton Beach that could supply her. Erin struck down the idea. Holtzmann reiterated without any leads from the journal, she couldn't figure out a way to stop Kruger from putting them back in the Nightmare-Scape so they needed a way to control their dreams and hide. Holtzmann further explained a common memory that was buried and attached with guilt or shame would be sufficient. Since there wasn't one, Holtzmann circled back to a memory implant. She was turned down again. It reminded her of her first weapons test that partially blew up St. Paul's. They realized they were all at the chapel on the same night. Holtzmann couldn't believe the odds of that happening and was glad she didn't accidentally kill them all. 90 minutes later, they departed for the Empire State Building again. Before Erin could debate semantics with Abby, Holtzmann declared it was time.

Holtzmann ordered everyone to activate the neural connections on their Dream Machine head bands and reminded them not to forget the plan. In the Nightmare-Scape, Holtzmann plummeted down a black void. She reassured herself the plan worked. Holtzmann went on a little detour and arrived late at the shared memory of St. Paul's Chapel. She quoted "Die Hard" then joined the others in blasting Kruger. They were blown back to the real world then Kevin captured Kruger. Holtzmann admitted she was starving and was craving more of the nightmare-induced scrambled eggs. Erin and Patty turned her down in unison. Holtzmann pointed out they were so good. Abby admitted she was right. Holtzmann declared nightmare science eggs for everyone.

Holtzmann helped trap all of Connla's Army on Liberty Island in the prime dimension weeks away from Halloween. Ron Alexander was jealous of Egon's Remote Portal Access Band and wanted the technology. Holtzmann cited she had first dibs on it. Two days later, Holtzmann met with Ron at a Pequod's and agreed to his proposal to team up and build their own teleportation unit. They agreed they wanted their own just enough to work together. Holtzmann saw it as an opportunity to blow the doors off even the presumption of human limitations. With the teleportation unit, she could go everywhere and discover everything.[9] They shook on it and she wanted to get down to what exactly they would need to build one. She assumed coffee was on him and ordered a quad-shot. Ron still had his key to the apartment owned by his friend's uncle and used the space for the construction of his and Holtzmann's Remote Access Teleportation Unit. However, it wasn't exactly like the Ghostbusters' version. Unable to duplicate an autonomous trans-dimensional portal, they essentially built a larger version of a Remote Portal Access Band they stole and piggybacked off the original unit.[10] Holtzmann claimed she even figured out how to make the interdimensional transition smoother and prevent an open portal from attracting ghosts.[11][12] Jimmy was annoyed Ron didn't even give him a head's up he was in town. Ron filled in Jimmy on how the Ghostbusters came to have teleportation technology but Jimmy suspected he stole something and was back to puttering about in his uncle's apartment. Ron introduced Jimmy to Holtzmann. Holtzmann explained she came from beyond. Jimmy was naturally confused. Holtzmann confirmed she was a woman with several degrees, and only two were made up. Ron informed him she was a Ghostbuster from another dimension. Jimmy was aghast she probably had a God complex too. They proceeded to test their unit. It was a success but they were unaware the Ghostbusters were conducting an experiment observing the inside of the Containment Unit. Ron and Holtzmann's unit piggybacked off the original in the Firehouse basement and thus, activated it as well. Peter deposited a ghost at the same time and inadvertently set off a chain reaction.

Ron and Holtzmann went to Tip-Top for lunch. They ordered and sat at a table outside the cafe. Holtzmann noticed weird readings on the prime universe's P.K.E. Meter and her P.K.E. Meter that weren't ghost-related. Ron could care less but he soon was hailed on the walkie talkie by Jimmy, who alerted him the teleportation unit was acting weird. Ron and Holtzmann bolted and teleported back to the apartment. The waiter returned to an empty table and swore. They watched as their invention generated several portals at once. Holtzmann referred to it as a full nine on the Sanchez Scale. She knew the unit lacked the power to make so many at once and threw a big switch but nothing happened. Ron pulled the plug on the unit and turned it off. He guessed Holtzmann turned off the refrigerator instead then insisted they could fix the glitch. Jimmy prayed.

Ron and Holtzmann were reprimanded, for their part in the explosion, by Egon, Ray, and Winston on the third floor. Holtzmann emphatically apologized but Ron told her to speak for herself. Ray admitted he understood their drive but they stole and reverse-engineered the technology then failed to check if their experiment would be compromised by any number of outside factors. Ron tried to claim he was forced to make matters into his own hands because Ray and Egon were never going to share the dimensional technology and pinned the blame on them. Winston ran up to Ron, grabbed him by the collar, and encouraged him to repeat himself. Holtzmann asked him to stop. Ron sarcastically chimed in. Winston let go and asked if she was going to claim it was all for science. Holtzmann admitted she would have abused the chance to travel the multiverse but revealed her real reason was to find more people she could identify with and make her "family" bigger. Ron asked Winston if he was buying it and if so, claimed that his reason, too. Winston told Ron to shut up.

Ray inspected the Containment Unit console but Egon discovered several major entities were missing from it. Suddenly, the unit opened and Gareth Dibello escaped. Holtzmann ran to a gurney where a sole Proton Pack lay but Dibello lifted the pack and fired it. Dibello manifested and grabbed Holtzmann. Ron recognized him and promised Holtzmann they would avenge her death. The Interspatial Teleportation Unit activated and several miniature portals were generated. Egon thought it was Ron's doing but he feigned innocence and believed their technology had a glitch. Dibello flew into one of the portals with Holtzmann but she became stuck halfway through. Ray implied things would get "real messy" for her if the portal closed. Holtzmann implored them to pull harder. Egon and Ray pulled her back into the basement with part of Dibello's arm. Dibello became agitated and charged but the portal closed, leaving him in a parallel dimension. Holtzmann was unaware and kept screaming until Ray informed her Dibello was gone. She told them not to tell her teammates what happened because she had a reputation to maintain. Egon stopped Ron from finishing his sentence and asked Ray to check the records with him. The missing entities took portals like Dibello did to a parallel dimension. Two days later, teams of Ghostbusters, from both the prime dimension and beyond, gathered at the Warehouse. Egon opened up the floor to questions and Holtzmann raised her hand immediately.

A P.K.E. spike near the George Washington Bridge went unnoticed and a Doom Ghost manifested then enveloped the area in a purple fog. Special Agent Ortiz was notified and she asked for volunteers to help her. Holtzmann enthusiastically raised her hand and added she already had a grasp on the dimensional technology Ray and Egon were going to talk about. Peter wondered if someone dumped an upper in her coffee. Winston remarked she was guilty about the accident. Melanie, Winston, Holtzmann, Rookie, Dani Shpak, and Lou Kamaka drove to Fort Washington Park. Holtzmann left her headset on channel one and the Warehouse radio picked her up and Kevin Tanaka listened to everything, even her singing. Dani picked up two readings with Holtzmann's P.K.E. Meter. Rookie verified with his meter. Holtzmann speculated there was a "turf war" going on and suggested splitting up. She chose Lou and Dani for her team. She wanted to go west but Lou pointed out west would take them right into the Hudson River. Holtzmann admitted she liked Lou and congratulated her for passing the test. Melanie ordered everyone to stay in contact but Holtzmann made light of it. Rookie asked where Holtzmann was from. Winston wanted to say Mars but he only said the jury was still out. Holtzmann started spouting Law of Attraction rhetoric about how her vibrational energy was strong and she was pulling all the desired outcomes her way. Lou and Dani weren't supportive. Holtzann claimed it was parapsychology and was the first to sight the ghost. She claimed she was going to write a paper about it then fired but the ghost receded and the Proton Stream passed harmlessly through a hole in the fog. Lou and Dani found Holtzmann but panicked and Lou asked where the ghost was. Holtzmann yelled back they had equipment to track it themselves. The ghost formed tentacles and held Dani and Lou in midair. Holtzmann attacked it with the Proton Glove but it vanished again. Dani checked the meter again, saw the ghost was still present, and thought the P.KE. Meter was wonky. Holtzmann took offense. She hugged the P.K.E. Meter and insisted it was never wonky. She looked at the screen and changed her mind. The ghost whacked them with a tentacle soon after. Melanie, Rookie, and Winston provided cover fire but the ghost vanished again. Holtzmann realized the fog was the ghost and broke into the Lighthouse. She activated the searchlight and fog horn. Holtzmann's theory was correct and the ghost revealed its true form after its senses were rattled. They soon trapped it.

A field team consisting of Peter Venkman, Special Agent Melanie Ortiz, Bridget Gibbons of Dimension 50-S, Jillian Holtzmann of Dimension 80-C, Roland Jackson of Dimension 68-E, and Egon Spengler of Dimension 68-R arrived in a Comic Strip Dimension. Holtzmann panicked about the teams being shuffled around and wondered if they absorbed their teammates like evil twins in a womb. She tried to talking to hers. Egon 68-R found that unlikely and pointed out there were no ill effects physically but admitted the shuffle was something to be concerned about. He and Roland checked their meters. Peter sent a message back to the prime dimension to inform the team there of what happened. Roland picked up a trace of a Class 7 on his P.K.E. Meter. Egon 68-R concurred. Melanie reminded them they weren't after a Class 7 and they didn't have the firepower to fight one. Egon 68-R decided to err on the side of caution and made a note of the signature for further monitoring. Holtzmann grabbed Bridget and declared she came around to being careful. She was eager to find the missing ghost. Melanie remarked she got stranger. Peter pointed out she built something that almost killed him and it was part of a guilt-based mania. Melanie didn't buy her as the guilty type. Peter stated she wore her heart on her sleeve and those types got around to guilt eventually. Roland eventually locked onto the right signal and announced the ghost was close by. Peter feigned relief they wouldn't break into another wrong house. Holtzmann remembered the poor cat they encountered. Egon 68-R noted they weren't told what the ghost looked like. Roland registered a spike and ran off with Bridget. They stopped outside of a typical looking suburban home. He confirmed a positive match coming from inside the house. Holtzmann wanted to play if safe for once and go in first while the others waited outside just in case the ghost tried to escape. Melanie suggested they all stay together since only Peter had a Remote Portal Access Band to summon a portal home. She kicked the door in after a three count. Peter recognized the interior as the manifestation of Wander Hills Orphanage and realized they were after Ellen Gold.

Holtzmann found it freaky it was sunny and cheery outside but it looked stormy and gloomy from inside. Peter told the others what he knew about the orphanage. Melanie teased him for pretending he didn't. Peter claimed he was known to lie. Ellen Gold called him naughty but called out Holtzmann for being the naughtiest among them. Holtzmann was freaked out and blasted at Ellen with her Proton Pistols. Ellen dodged and started throwing children around. Two wrapped around Holtzmann and immobilized her but the pistol kept firing wildly. Bridget ducked and yelled at her to stop shooting so she could get close enough to use a Trap-Gate. Ellen grabbed Holtzmann and thought about punishing her. Ellen told Holtzmann she was very naughty and didn't care about who she hurt. Melanie couldn't get a clear shot and called out for options. Bridget asked if it was a "needs of the many" situation and Roland got too literal, explaining they couldn't map the consciousness like in "Wrath of Khan". Bridget called him a nerd. Egon 68-R came up with a strategy to blast the orphanage at a new frequency and power setting based on Ellen's P.K.E. signature since she shared it with her construct. Ellen felt it and fled upstairs with Holtzmann. Peter went after them with his own plan. Egon 68-R and Melanie felt uneasy about that. Peter found them in the kitchen, re-introduced himself, and asked for Holtzmann's release since he was naughtier than her. Like "catch and release." Holtzmann didn't think she would know what that was since she predated it. She covered Holtzmann's mouth then reacted to the orphanage being blasted. Peter recalled the others were still blasting up the house. She vowed she would endure and punish. Peter noted she was more talkative than their last encounter and proposed they talk. Holtzmann mumbled something in protest. He told her to relax because it was in his wheelhouse since Ellen used to see a shrink. She mumbled something again. Peter pointed out it wasn't like he would have to prescribe anything and boasted he exorcised himself before.


She is somewhat mad scientist type. She is also a prankster. Caring for her friends who later become her family.


  • Costume designer Jeffrey Kurland was inspired by Harpo Marx for Holtzmann's eclectic clothing choices.[13]
  • Holtzmann has bits of McKinnon's traits: "From another planet," joyful, friendly, and wants to connect.[14][15]
  • In the script, during the Stonebrook Theatre case, Holtzmann only put the wig on. During filming, McKinnon put the hat on, too.[16]
  • In the Extended scene "Rebecca Gorin" she claims her and Erin are dating. This confirms that either she is bi-sexual or a lesbian. Note, it isn't clear if this is in canon though.
  • Holtzmann and Egon are both socially awkward eccentric technological geniuses, but unlike Egon, she is more unpredictable and random.
  • Her hairstyle, eyewear, and place on the team are very similar to the animated version of Egon Spengler.
  • In the Tor Books Ghostbusters Novelization:
    • On page 207, Holtzmann revealed she was first called by her last name starting in engineering school by her shy male classmates.[17]
    • On page 207, Holtzmann revealed she impressed Dr. Gorin for the first time when she nearly disintegrated everyone in the classroom.[18]
  • In Ghostbusters International #3, on page 6, in panel 5, Holtzmann makes a non-canon cameo as one of the applicants outside.
  • On page 23 of Ghostbusters International #8, the FBI Special Agent in Boston is named after Holtzmann.
  • On page 4 of Ghostbusters 101 #2, Holtzmann does her "Woo!" from the 2016 movie, notably in Chapter 8 when Holtzmann drives Ecto-1 to Stonebrook Theatre.
  • On page 19 of Ghostbusters 101 #2, Holtzmann has her Keysight FieldFox Microwave Analyzer and is wearing her lab outfit from Chapter 16 of the movie.
  • On page 4 of Ghostbusters 101 #3:
    • In panel 1, above the pipe atop the bedpost is a P.K.E. Meter and Holtzmann's Screw U necklace.
    • In panel 3, Holtzmann has on her "One of the Girls" T-shirt from Chapter 12 of the 2016 movie.
  • On the Subscription Cover of Ghostbusters 101 #5, below Kevin, Erin, Abby and Peck is Holtzmann.
  • On page 2 of Ghostbusters 101 #5, Holtzmann is wearing her leather jacket and coveralls from when she first appeared in the 2016 movie.
  • On page 3 of Ghostbusters 101 #5, Holtzmann reveals she had a one-woman KISS cover band in college named "Strange Noises Up in the Bronx".[19]
  • Holtzmann appears on Cover A and B of Ghostbusters 101 #6.
  • On page 4 of Ghostbusters 101 #6, Melanie recognizes Holtzmann as a fellow agent who turns out to be her doppelganger. This is a call back to Ghostbusters International #8's Haunted America Case. Melanie was informed of the Salem Witch Museum incident by Agent Holtzmann from the FBI's Boston Field Office.
  • On page 5 of Ghostbusters 101 #6, Holtzmann references Bizarro, the flawed Superman clone, from DC Comics and alludes to Agent Scully from the X-Files television series.
  • On page 5 of Ghostbusters 101 #6, Melanie quotes Special Agent Dale Cooper's line of "Damn fine cup of coffee" from the second episode of the 1990 television series "Twin Peaks". The comparison holds true as both Cooper and Holtzmann could be called eccentric as well as Cooper dealt more with supernatural entities and other dimensions.
  • On page 8 of Ghostbusters 101 #6, Holtzmann reveals she went to Boston and had decent Chinese food there.[20]
  • On page 17 of Ghostbusters 101 #6, Holtzmann references the Marvel Comics character the Hulk in jest of his alter ego's Bruce Banner's exposure to gamma radiation.
  • On page 18 of Ghostbusters 101 #6:
  • On page 19 of Ghostbusters 101 #6, Holtzmann is wearing her overalls from when she first appeared in the 2016 movie.
  • On page 1 of Ghostbusters: Answer The Call Issue #1, Holtzmann's bio reiterates she has a doctorate in theoretical particle physics.[21]
    • This conflicts with the Crossing Over promotion in February 2018.
  • On Cover A of Ghostbusters: Answer The Call Issue #2, Holtzmann is wearing her leather jacket and overalls outfit from movie.
  • The Cover RI of Ghostbusters: Answer The Call Issue #2, the still used is a close-up of Holtzmann walking to the Firehouse in Chapter 05 of the 2016 movie.
  • On page 5 of Ghostbusters: Answer The Call Issue #2, Holtzmann quotes a line from the end of St. Crispin's Day Speech from "Henry V" Act IV scene iii 18-67.
  • On page 37 of Ghostbusters Annual 2018, Peter of Dimension 68-R brings up Holtzmann's visual likeness to his Egon.
  • On page 40 of Ghostbusters Annual 2018:
    • Holtzmann alludes to her counterpart, Special Agent Holtzmann of the FBI Boston Field Office.
    • Holtzmann's civies are from Chapter 13 of the 2016 movie when possessed Abby tried to throw her out the window.
  • On February 22, 2018, Tom Waltz posted Virtual Trading Card 2 of 50, Jillian Holtzmann. It revealed she has four doctorates: D.E.S. (Engineering), N.D. (Naturopathy), D.R. (Recreation), and D.D.S. (Dental Surgery).[22]
  • On Cover A and B of Ghostbusters Crossing Over Issue #1, Holtzmann appears.
  • On page 2 of Crossing Over Issue #1, Holtzmann's outfit is based on the one she wore in Chapter 5 of the 2016 movie.
  • On page 3 of Crossing Over Issue #1, in panel 3, on the right side of the array is a note that reads "Boo-yah!" - a nod to Holtzmann's line "Boo-yah! Emphasis on the boo." from the 2016 movie.
  • On page 14 of Crossing Over Issue #1, Holtzmann is wearing her coveralls and leather jacket outfit from the Aldridge case in the 2016 movie.
  • On page 16 of Crossing Over Issue #1, Holtzmann references the movie, "The Thing".
  • On page 22 of Crossing Over Issue #1, Holtzmann's section in the memo mentioned her search for meaning and connection which mirrors her toast at the end of the 2016 movie.
  • On page 15 of Ghostbusters: Answer The Call Issue #4, Holtzmann echoes Dr. Frankenstein's "It's alive!" line.
  • Holtzmann appears on Cover RI of Ghostbusters Crossing Over Issue #2.
  • On page 1 of Ghostbusters Crossing Over Issue #2, Holtzmann is wearing her coveralls from the Aldridge Mansion Museum case in the 2016 Movie.
  • Holtzmann is mentioned on Crossing Over Virtual Trading Card #21, featuring Kevin Beckman, released on May 1, 2018.[23]
  • On page 13 of Ghostbusters: Answer The Call Issue #5:
    • Holtzmann quotes the "Yipee-kiyay!" catch phrase from "Die Hard".
    • Holtzmann alludes to Hans Gruber, the villain from "Die Hard", who quoted McClane's catch phrase as he fell to his death.
  • On Cover B of Ghostbusters Crossing Over Issue #3, one of the Spectral Ghostbusters is a doppelganger Holtzmann.
  • On page 10 of Crossing Over #3, Holtzmann brings up the Laws of Attraction. It is from the New Thought philosophy widely seen as a pseudoscience.
  • On page 13 of Crossing Over #3, Holtzmann alludes to actor Sean Connery.
  • On Cover RI of Ghostbusters Crossing Over Issue #5, Holtzmann is featured.
  • Holtzmann appears on Cover B of Ghostbusters Crossing Over Issue #6.
  • Holtzmann appears in Cover RI of Ghostbusters Crossing Over Issue #6.
  • On page 8 of Ghostbusters Crossing Over Issue #6, Peter and Holtzmann refers to the catch and release practice of conservation started in Michigan in 1952.


  • "You try saying no to these salty parabolas..."
  • "Holtzmann, Virgo, avid skier, gluten full and 100% jazzed to meet you."
  • "It's 2040, our president is a plant."


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