"How is Elvis, and have you seen him lately?" - Joe Franklin; Ghostbusters

Talk show host and nostalgia guru Joe Franklin starred as himself in Ghostbusters.


After the Sedgewick Hotel bust, the Ghostbusters became famous and swamped with work. Ray Stantz appeared on the The Joe Franklin Show. Franklin asked Ray if the Ghostbusters had seen Elvis.

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Joe Franklin was known for The Joe Franklin Show which had aired on WOR-TV from 1962 to 1993. [1] The same show (originally on WJZ-TV and later on WABC-TV from 1951 til he moved in 1962) was known as the first television talk show. [2]

Other Works

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  • The Mercy Man - Actor (2009)
  • Black Ribbon - Actor (2007)
  • CBS Summer Playhouse (TV Series) - Actor for an episode (1989)
  • Invisible Thread (TV Movie) - Actor (1987)
  • Broadway Danny Rose - Actor (1984)


  • In 10/7/1983 final shooting script, Joe Franklin started the show off with telling Ray the Ghostbusters reminded him of Ghostbreakers starring Bob Hope.[3]
  • In one of the takes, Dan Aykroyd answered Franklin's Elvis question with, "He's lost a lot of weight."[4]


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