Joe Medjuck worked alongside Michael C. Gross as a producer on many of the Ghostbusters projects and Beethoven projects. Currently, Joe is still very active in film industry making films including producing "Draft Day" in 2014.

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  • Heavy Metal - Production Coordinator (1981)
  • Stripes - Associate Producer (1981)
  • Twins - Executive Producer (1988)
  • Beethoven - Producer (1992)
  • Beethoven's 2nd - Producer (1993)
  • Evolution - Producer (2001)
  • Hitchcock - Producer (2012)


  • Joe Medjuck has two cameos in Ghostbusters
    • At around the one minute mark, he walks across the reading room of the New York City Public Library
    • During the first montage, when the Omni magazine cover appears, Joe Medjuck makes his second cameo. He is behind Egon Spengler.
  • Joe Medjuck and Michael Gross were very involved in The Real Ghostbusters and took the show quite seriously. They read every script and tried to make sure that nothing was going to embarrass anyone. They were so involved that they almost got the show canceled because they wouldn't do certain things that ABC wanted done. It drove the other producers crazy because Medjuck and Gross wanted some stuff on the air that they didn't want unless they liked it. [1]
  • On the Regular Cover of Ghostbusters 101 #1, the map credit references Joe Medjuck.


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