Not to be confused with animated version of the airport

John F. Kennedy International Airport is a major international airport located in Queens, New York.


In 1994, Michael Draverhaven and Ray Stantz reflected on a bold experiment they were about to take part in, outside of JFK. It reminded Michael of his childhood in Cleveland near Hopkins International Airport. In 2004, Michael returned to the area and made a hole in the property fence. He set up a base of operations in a hangar. Ray trailed him to the hangar but was captured. While Michael coordinated the Ghost Legion and their attacks on New York City and the Ghostbusters, Ray wrangled loose. Eventually, the other Ghostbusters triangulated Ray's location through his cellphone and broke into the hangar. While Ray and Michael fought, some scaffolding fell on top of Michael and severed his connection to the ghosts. Without him to coordinate, the ghosts fled the area.

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  1. Janine Melnitz (2016). IDW Comics- "Ghostbusters International #10" (2016) (Comic p.19). Janine Melnitz says: "He shows up every once in a while. Says he wants something better than Idlewild named after him. We just kind of ignored him at this point."


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