John Zuur Platten is credited for "Additional Dialogue & Story" for Ghostbusters: The Video Game but in reality is a co-writer of the game's script.


John Zuur Platten is a veteran in the video game industry, having written, directed, produced, and designed. He started his career in television production at Universal Studios as production coordinator on several first-run syndicated series, including "Lassie" and "Harry and the Hendersons".

Ghostbusters Related

John Zuur Platten and Flint Dille pitched Ghostbusters: The Video Game and titled it "Who's Gozer Gonna Call?". The pitch entailed how the gods, including Gozer's wife, got together and banished Gozer for being defeated by humans. In a bid for revenge, Gozer tricked the Ghostbusters into rounding up all the ghosts in New York so that he had an army to fight with and reclaim his throne in the afterlife. The Ghostbusters eventually figured out the truth and made a deal with Gozer to stop the greater evil. Gozer later reneges on the deal but is defeated by the Ghostbusters again. Ivo Shandor's role as creator of the ghost Mandala originated in the pitch and some of the key landmarks of New York made it up. Eventually, Shandor became the primary villain of the story and Ilyssa Selwyn was the conduit to him. Platten and Dille wrote the first draft and three additional drafts when it was in development at Sierra. Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis were part of the approval process, but gave very little input other than some high level notes. John Melchior, a Sierra executive, came up with some ideas but didn't write the script with Platten and Dille. The big issue for Platten and Dille was "would Bill Murray be involved or not"? They did a draft that wrote out Peter Venkman in the first scene. Aykroyd and Ramis then did a pass on their script and edited mostly dialogue. [1]

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