Jonas Schultz [1] is the ghost of a man who only wished to see Luna Park back on Coney Island.


In 1944, a very young Jonas Schultz watched as a fire burned Luna Park to the ground. He lived his whole life wishing it to come back, just as it was. Over five decades later, on the morning of his death, Jonas manifested as a ghost at 4:13 am. Unaware of being influenced by a pool of aggressive positively charged Psychomagnotheric Slime below in the sewers, Jonas had the power to make his greatest wish a reality. He immediately generated a construct of Luna Park over its former site and watched in awe. Winston Zeddemore easily wrangled Jonas while Egon Spengler and Ray Stantz tried to neutralize the slime with negative emotions. Jonas yelled he wasn't done. Peter Venkman threw out a Trap and captured him. He joked the zoning laws were positively unforgiving. The Luna Park construct dissipated.


Jonas Schultz was a Class 3. [2]


  • Although, Jonas was identified by the narrator to the audience - within the context of the story, the Ghostbusters hadn't identified him yet. Hence, the Class 3 classification instead of Class 4.


IDW Comics


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