Josie Maye Landers was the new schoolmarm of Red River Junction and was a brief romantic interest of Peter Venkman during the Old West era.


Josie Maye Landers was to be schoolmarm, a woman school teacher of a one-room schoolhouse, at Red River Junction in Red River Valley. She traveled by stage coach with her father, Thadeus, and mother to the town. However, on the way, they were attacked by the The Rudely Mallard Gang. Mallard was particularly taken with Josie because she was a virgin. Luckily, the Landers were saved by the time displaced Peter Venkman. Josie sought him out in town and spent the night together. The next morning, Peter willingly told Josie how he came to be in Red River. She didn't believe and thought he was joking. As Peter set out to face the emissary of the Demon Collective, Josie gave him a good-bye kiss.


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