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Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) in 1997 ran an Extreme Ghostbusters Promotion.

List of Items

  • Haunted Cube - Slimer looks surprised to be captured in this cube! Watch him glow on one side and disappear on the other.
  • Ghost Trap Challenge - Toss the glowing ghost ball to capture it in one of the three cups. One cup is harder than the next! The cup rims glow in the dark for an even bigger challenge.
  • Screamin' Scrambler - Turn the six-sided cube to mix and match the characters. Turn off the lights for an added glowing surprise!
  • Ecto-1 Haunted Hauler - Roll the car along and discover a ghost trying to pop-up from the inside! By lifting the roof panel, you'll expose him to light. Watch him glow as he tries to escape!
  • Ghostbusters Keychain Keeper - Your keychain keeper can be hooked on to a backpack or beltloop. The front logo glows in the dark and the back can be opened to hold most any small treasure.
  • Slimer Squirter - Squeeze Slimer underwater to fill him up. Squeeze him again to slime your friends! Expose him to light and he glows in the dark.


  • On the Screamin' Scrambler, the Grundel is misnamed Grendel.

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Haunted Cube

Ghost Trap Challenge

Screamin' Scrambler

Ecto-1 Haunted Hauler

Ghostbusters Keychain Keeper

Slimer Squirter


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