Kahlil[1] is an ancient Celtic demon god and the ruler of his own nether-dimension.


Dating back to pre-modern times, 13 people on Earth touch an ancient coin, or rune. This chooses victims for Kahlil which he will take and enslave them for eternity in his dimension. He sends his messenger to take the victims and bring them back to him. In 1997, a man named Steve Rifkin was the one who discovered the runes in a statue of Kahlil at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. He gave them out to people he disliked. Eduardo Rivera was chosen to be taken there, and his duty was to transcribe and catalog an infinite number of manuscripts.

The others entered Kahlil's realm armed with an ancient incantation, from the book "Magic of the Runes," designed to counteract Kahlil's power, "By the clock of runic time, grain by grain the sands are sifted, replacing what was once sublime, curse of ages now be lifted."[2] It could only work while spoken in the dimension. Kylie Griffin and Roland Jackson were about to be eaten by Kahlil when Eduardo finished the last line of the incantation. The incantation disintegrated Kahlil and as a side-effect, sealed any portal to his dimension. The Extreme Ghostbusters and the enslaved people had to quickly run to the portal before it closed.

Pagan Rituals & CeremoniesEdit

In ancient Iceland, a pagan festival was held every 13 years, during which 13 people were sacrificed to the demon god Kahlil. As part of the ritual, each of the chosen ones were made to touch one of the runes, transporting them to Kahlil's dimension. Once 13 are taken, they are permanently enslaved to the demon and can never return to the earthly plane.[3]

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Kahlil displayed the ability to move objects with energy from his staff. He could also widen his mouth like a snake when he tried to eat two busters at once.



Extreme Ghostbusters


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