Kenny Fenderman[2][3][4] is a child who wants to prove himself to a schoolyard clique by becoming a Ghostbuster.


Eager to prove himself to the popular kids, Kenny Fenderman visited the Firehouse and met with Peter Venkman. Peter decided to make him a member of the Ghostbusters Auxiliary, a made-up unit, and took him on tour of headquarters. As a badge, Peter gives him a collector's pin from the 1964 World's Fair that he had lying around. As a memento, Kenny asked if he could have a piece of Ghostbusting equipment. Peter obliged and mistakenly gave him the prototype Ecto-Aroma Eliminator (EAE). Then the alarm sounded for a bust at Vincent Van Swell's new gallery. Against everyone's concerns, Kenny was brought along. He was almost blasted by Proton Streams and caused more imported crystals in the gallery to be damaged.

Peter was irate and left Kenny at the gallery. He ran into Willie Bradford and his crew again. As he showed off his official pin, it turned to be from the New York World's Fair of 1964, and the EAE. Bradford then suggested Kenny stay in the Halliwell Mansion overnight to prove himself. Kenny went in alone and tried to attack Halliwell with the EAE only to be blown away by a windstorm. As he was being surrounded by the ghost's army, the Ghostbusters arrived to save him. Peter uses the EAE he gave to Kenny and uses it to stop Halliwell. The following morning, Kenny left the mansion with the Ghostbusters much to the shock of Willie and the crew, who immediately change their minds about the boy and accept him. Willie even politely asks Kenny to introduce him to the Ghostbusters.



The Real Ghostbusters


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