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Kevin Beckman[2] (mostly, referred to as simply Kevin[3] and also known as Kev) is the Receptionist for the Ghostbusters in the 2016 movie.


Primary CanonEdit

Kevin Beckman went from job to job, including acting.[4] One day, he read the newspaper and saw an opening for a receptionist position with the Conductors of the Metaphysical Examination.[5] He called the phone number listed and scheduled an interview with Abby Yates.[6] It turned out he was the only applicant to apply for the position.[7] Kevin passed by the doorway then peered in. He inquired about the job opening for a receptionist. Erin Gilbert was instantly smitten with him. Jillian Holtzmann wondered if he was a robot. Kevin repeated he was interested in the receptionist job that was in the newspaper. Erin joked he was hired. Kevin laughed. Holtzmann stared and smiled. Abby was unaware of Kevin and noticed Erin was all sweaty then pitched her idea for part of the new slogan, "If there's something strange in the..." but Erin pinched her. She finally noticed Kevin. Erin found his name manly and introduced herself as Erin with an "E," for "everything you want." Abby was at a loss and steered the conversation from her advances to the interview. She invited Erin to join. She had questions.

Before Abby could read from her notes, Erin butted in and asked him if he was seeing anyone. Kevin didn't understand the question. Erin lied it was being asked for business purposes. Kevin noted he was currently seeing the three of them in front of him. Abby asked him to forget the question because it was illegal to ask a prospective employee. Kevin told her it was forgotten because he literally forgot what the question was. Holtzmann asked Kevin what he had been doing with his whole life. Kevin scratched his eyes through his eyeglass frames and replied he had lots of different jobs like acting. Abby interjected and asked why his eyeglasses had no glass. Kevin told them they kept getting dirty, so he took them out so he didn't have to clean them anymore.[8][9] Abby was speechless. Kevin asked it was okay to bring Mike Hat to work sometimes because he had major anxiety problems. Abby revealed she had pretty severe cat allergy. Kevin corrected her and said he was a dog. Abby asked if the dog's name was My Cat. Kevin said it was Mike Hat. Erin realized his first name was "Mike" and his last name was "Hat." Kevin added his full name was Michael Hat. Abby admitted she wasn't allergic to dogs. Kevin replied it was all right because Mike lived with his mother.

Abby decided to jump ahead and announced Kevin dabbled in web design so he asked him prior to make some logo designs for the business and directed him to pull it out. Erin thought of something else. Abby realized she was a lawsuit waiting to happen. The first design was a female ghost with large breasts. They were speechless. Erin finally asked him if he saw how that might make them look bad. Kevin wondered if was the boobs they didn't like and offered to make them bigger. Abby and Erin remarked they saw them. Holtzmann revealed Ghost Tits was her nickname in middle school. Kevin replied nonchalantly. Abby noted it was about the journey, not the end result. Kevin went to his next design. They pointed out it was the 7-Eleven logo. Kevin confirmed that and went to his next one and admitted it was his favorite one. It was a hot dog floating above a house. Erin thought it was a mistake. Kevin explained the floating hot dog implied that a ghost was holding it. Abby gasped in realization and admitted his work was more cerebral than she expected. Holtzmann asked why a hot dog. Kevin revealed he just like hot dogs because they were both food groups, all in one. Dogs and buns.

Erin wanted to discuss with Abby and Holtzmann and asked Kevin to stand elsewhere in the headquarters. Erin jokingly told him not to listen. Kevin covered his eyes and promised not to. Erin admitted she liked the idea of having him around to look at but didn't see him as receptionist material. Abby didn't find him attractive and felt sorry for him. Kevin rocked a table then repeatedly poked at an aquarium. Abby pointed out they needed someone to carry the equipment up the stairs and eventually they needed someone to answer the phone. Kevin remarked an aquarium was a submarine for fish. Erin wanted to talk to the others interested in the job to see who was more qualified. Abby revealed he was the only applicant. Kevin struck a gong then recoiled at the sound it made. He reached for his fingers through his glasses to cover his eyes. Despite the fact they were astonished by how dumb he seemed, Abby told him he was hired. Kevin went to go get his suitcases and stubbed a foot.

After the Seward Street Subway Station, Kevin brought Abby her coffee. Abby thanked him then asked if he put sugar in. Kevin drank then spat it out then gagged. He remarked he hate coffee but confirmed the sugar was in there then walked away. Erin took the mug and explained it wasn't right to waste a cup of coffee. Abby requested they pretended that didn't just happen. Kevin neglected to announce Patty came back until after they realized Patty was present. Kevin pointed at Patty from his desk and informed them after the fact they had visitor in booth number one. Abby sarcastically thanked him. He was oblivious. The phone rang. Patty announced she was joining the club. Erin tried to tell her it wasn't a club but she stopped and asked Kevin to answer the phone. Kevin informed her he couldn't because it was in the fish tank. Erin meant the one on the desk that was ringing. Kevin noticed it. Abby was beside herself. Kevin asked what they were called. Erin replied they were the Conductors of the Metaphysical Examination. Kevin answered the phone and told the caller they were the Conductors of Metamucils and Stuff. Kevin listened and abruptly hung up on the caller. He informed them he was just not into that conversation. Abby told him they needed him to try a little harder. Kevin promised if they called, he would but he had to leave because he was participating in a hide-and-seek tournament and his team was in the semi-finals.[10] He twirled his hat on. Abby reminded him to pick up all his suitcases. Kevin turned and tripped on his way out. Erin asked him if he hurt his face. Patty asked them if they hired that big dumb dude. Erin told him goodbye and waved. He waved back. Patty revealed she had a cousin named Mookie who was half as stupid and worked for Vienna sausages.

Erin tried to give a speech after Martin Heiss dismissed their video of the Electrocuted Ghost as fake. The phone started ringing. Abby agreed with her. Patty replied "Preach." Erin confirmed that was what she was going to do. She told them they were going to catch a ghost. The phone continued ringing. Abby was upset. Erin turned and looked at Kevin then turned back. Erin repeated herself. The phone kept ringing. Erin asked Kevin to answer the phone. Kevin snapped his finger and answered the phone. He greeted the caller as "Ghostbusters" instead of "Conductors of the Metaphysical Examination." Kevin listened, told the caller goodbye, hung up, then held up two glamor shots. He asked them which one made him look more like a doctor, one of him playing a saxophone or the one of him listening to the saxophone. Abby and Erin, at the same time, asked who called. Kevin guessed it was the Stonebrook Theatre and there was a goat on the loose. They paused in thought. Erin elected to load up the car. Abby understood. They all rushed off.

Back at headquarters, the Ghostbusters celebrated their capture of Mayhem to DMX's "Party Up (Up in Here)" single. Erin and Patty danced in the lab. Kevin walked to the lab area. They invited him to join in. Kevin started dancing between them. Patty cheered him on. Abby noticed Kevin was dancing too closely to Patty. Patty flatly told him no then eventually walked away. Erin and Kevin were back to back. Erin turned and placed her hands on his hips like a train. Patty laughed. Kevin walked back to his desk. Erin continued dancing and strolled to the others. Abby and Patty laughed. After Holtzmann presented her work on the Proton Pack, Kevin informed them there was a "Smartin Christ" to see them. Erin was confused and realized he meant Martin Heiss. Abby was not happy. Kevin pointed to Heiss, who was standing in the doorway. Abby directed him to tell Heiss they weren't there. Erin was confused. Abby stated she didn't want to talk to him. Kevin told Heiss they weren't present. Heiss entered the lab area. Erin greeted him. Things did not go well and insults were exchanged. Abby didn't think much of a man with a walking stick and floppy hat. Heiss revealed it was his mother's. Kevin leaned back from his desk and complemented the hat. Erin released Mayhem despite Abby's pleading. It carried Heiss through the window and dropped him down onto the street. Kevin remarked he went out the wrong door.

Jennifer Lynch's press briefing painted the Ghostbusters as frauds. Erin declared they were all ghost girls. Erin slammed her head on the table but a beaker of Hydrochloric Acid dropped onto the floor, broke, and the acid hissed. Holtzmann was sad to see her favorite acid go. Kevin walked in to the lab area and offered to get it. Erin told him to be careful. Kevin asked them what "thing" was that threw out "that man" out the window the other day. Holtzmann was dismayed, told him it was a ghost, and asked him if he knew what their business was about. Kevin proposed a plan to sell the restaurant since they haven't had customers. He stepped forward right into the acid. Kevin's slippers were damaged. Holtzmann told him it was Hydrochloric Acid then instructed him to get the baking soda. Kevin sprinkled the baking soda over the acid. She commended him. Kevin remarked it stank. Patty called him a big, beautiful dummy. Kevin revealed he could not see. Holtzmann informed him that was the effects of the acid fumes. Abby told him to go in the back to the eyewash station. Kevin asked where that was. Abby told him to go back by the restroom then go left until he hit something. They soon heard a thump then Kevin groaned.

Kevin returned and observed them marking down all the places in New York City where ghost sightings were reported. Erin connected them in a big "X" and asked rhetorically what that looked like. Kevin got literal and noticed it was an X touching other little "X's." Erin and Abby both mentioned Ley Lines. The Ghostbusters left to stop Rowan North. After Erin punched out Blogger Chris Gethard, Kevin walked up to Abby and revealed he decided he was going to become a Ghostbuster. Abby brushed him off and said she didn't have time to try to explain why that was not going to happen. Kevin was surprised she wasn't happy about his news. He borrowed several things to make his own uniform and ride.[11] After Rowan left Abby's body, Kevin shouted from outside that he wanted to help them bust ghosts but still needed a Proton Pack. Kevin was in a make shift uniform and stood by a motorcycle branded as "Ecto-2." Rowan was still swirling around. They implored Kevin to come inside. Kevin insisted he was part of the team and he could help without getting in their way. He misinterpreted them and declared he was born to be a Ghostbuster and nothing was going to stop him. Rowan possessed Kevin. Kevin dropped his helmet. Rowan thanked them for the "upgrade" then sat on the motorcycle. He hoped Kevin knew how to drive. He revved the engine, laughed, performed a wheelie and departed. He drove down Henry Street and returned to The Mercado Hotel then unleashed ghosts onto the city.

The Ghostbusters fought their way back to the Mercado. Abby exclaimed Kevin's name. Rowan was surprised Kevin was his name and thought it would have been "Chet" or something more Australian. He admitted he was enjoying the body and for the first time in his life he don't have to suck it in. Abby told Rowan it was time for him hop out out of Kevin's body. She admitted they liked him, despite his many, many frustrating quirks. Holtzmann added he just started figuring out the phones. Rowan levitated and asked if it was a little too Peter Pan. He decided to embrace it then realized Kevin was making him feel stupider by the second. He exited Kevin's body, and Kevin fell down to the lobby. Abby and Erin "broke" his fall and wound up on their backs. They traded insults with Rowan as they blasted at him. Abby wanted to switch gears and take Kevin to safety. He was still unconscious so Erin and Abby had a hard time dragging him out. When Rowan took a new form, Kevin mumbled about ice cream in his sleep. Rowan unleashed a shock wave that sent the Ghostbusters outside. Kevin wound up amid the pile of agents, soldiers, and police officers outside the Mercado.

While the Ghostbusters battled Rowan in Times Square, Kevin regained consciousness. He went looking for the Ghostbusters and found a deli. He made himself a sub sandwich then continued his search. Coincidentally, he found a power box the same time the Ghostbusters successfully reversed the polarity of the portal to draw all the ghosts back to where they came from. Kevin pushed several buttons and thought he helped save the world.[12][13] The Ghostbusters celebrated, Kevin joined in and ate a sub sandwich. Patty asked Kevin what his contribution was. Kevin claimed he did a lot and explained he walked over to the power box, pushed a bunch of buttons, everything got sucked into the portal, then it closed up. Holtzmann told him the two things were unrelated. Erin asked him when he had time to get a sandwich. Kevin replied he looked for them in the deli nearby. Abby was annoyed he stopped to get a sandwich. Kevin suggested they stop splitting hairs and the point was, the Ghostbusters were back together again and that's what friends were for. They placed their hands into the center of their circle. Patty was just glad he was okay. Holtzmann laughed. Erin told him to hold her hand longer. Abby had enough and tapped Erin. Kevin commented he loved their hair because it made them look a lot older. Abby snatched the sub and tossed it. Kevin asked for it. It was tossed back to him. Abby mouthed 'No' to the person. Kevin ate more. Patty was surprised. Abby tossed the sub again. Kevin asked for a beverage. Abby told them don't. A water bottle was tossed to him. Kevin asked for a muffin next. A muffin was thrown to him. Abby couldn't believe it. Patty asked if he was a wizard.

After the Ghostbusters got the Firehouse through the city government, Kevin set up his desk in the middle of the ground floor. One day, Kevin was at his desk typing with his right index finger and the phone rang. He turned left and answered it. He politely asked for a detailed description of the apparition. Kevin gave the thumbs up hand sign to Erin and Abby as they walked by towards the lab. He tried to act scientific and classified the ghost as a "illusional meta-physious, spectro-mian." Kevin told the caller the ghost was probably a result of a lot of bad karma from their previous life. He drank and spitted, then remarked he hated coffee. He wiped his mouth with his right hand. Abby remarked she was just going to disconnect his phone. Erin doesn't think he would notice. Abby agreed. Abby asked Kevin to write the epitaph to the revised edition of Ghosts From Our Past: Both Literally & Figuratively: The Study of the Paranormal and gave him six months.[14] He was busy training for a hide-and-seek tournament and didn't read the book. Eventually, he figured out it was about ghosts. He went to the Adult Video Superstore in Chelsea by mistake to look for a copy of "Ghost" but the woman working there advised him to just stream it. He watched it back at the Firehouse and started crying within the first 10 minutes. Soon, the Ghostbusters joined him. Abby stood behind Kevin and read the epitaph as he typed the last of it.

Secondary CanonEdit

IDW ComicsEdit

For unknown reasons, Kevin dressed up in a broccoli costume and started dancing near the Firehouse doors with no music on. Erin was naturally distracted. She thought he was doing a take on the traditional Bhangra Dance Style but then he started doing the Mashed Potato. After Abby got off the phone with Patty, she conceded and asked Erin what was going on. Abby sighed then suggested practicing in the other room to Kevin. Kevin exclaimed he would try and left. Erin went over the accounting and asked Kevin if he ordered 10 cases of spray cheese. Kevin replied he possibly did then the phone started ringing. Erin reminded him that he couldn't just order anything he wanted on the business account then asked him to answer the phone. Kevin felt bad vibes and declined while calling Erin "Stephanie". Mike Hat brought Erin the phone. As Kevin predicted, Erin dealt with a rude person on the line. Erin wished they could hire more help. Abby, Patty, and Holtzmann returned empty handed again. Kevin realized they came back and covered his eyes with his hand. He informed them he took a message for them while they were out. He handed one of his shoes to Abby. Abby pointed that out. Kevin was happy to see it and revealed he was looking all over for it. He suddenly saw Peter Venkman and Ray Stantz walking up the stairs then they vanished. Abby snapped his fingers and got his attention. Kevin apologized and admitted he felt like he was somewhere else for a second then asked Abby if they knew anyone named "Venkman".

A couple of weeks later, the two dimensions overlapped. Kevin was the first to meet the other Ghostbusters, namely Egon Spengler. Some time later, the girls arrived. Egon deduced Kevin worked for them. Kevin waved and excitedly told them to check the place out. He revealed Egon said he could name the ghost in the Paranormal Containment Research Tank if he was good. Kevin wanted to name him "Kevin Junior". While the two teams compared notes, Kevin tried on Ecto Goggles then balanced a stack of books on top of his head. As the teams came up from the basement, Kevin was playing with a Slinkie. After pressure from a buildup in P.K.E. was released, several items from the other Ghostbusters' Firehouse started to appear. Beckman went on comms and notified Egon, Abby, and Kylie Griffin. He asked if he should put Sticky Notes on all of their equipment so everyone knows. For the rest of the day, Beckman kept answering the front desk phone and telling everyone how he tagged everything so no one got confused. Janine took the phone away after he called Ray. Janine remarked Beckman kind of reminded her of a Labrador Retriever.

After Peter, Holtzmann, Winston Zeddemore, and Patty returned from Woodlawn Cemetery, Kevin greeted them and asked if the Bronx was fun then asked if they got him a T-shirt. Abby reminded him he lived in the Bronx. Surprisingly, Kevin made a point by noting it wasn't the same Bronx. While Egon informed what would happen if they failed to capture the Bronx Spook and seal the breach behind it, Kevin played his saxophone. Beckman opened the front doors of the Firehouse for Abby and Holtzmann as they departed in the Ultimate Mobile Trap. He waved goodbye then introduced himself to Special Agent Melanie Ortiz. He asked if she met "Kevin Jr." yet. Kylie told her he meant Slimer. After the Ghostbusters crossed the streams on a breach to seal it and separate their dimensions, Beckman thought he was becoming one with the universe again. Janine noticed he said "again." He hoped Mike Hat was okay.

After the Ghostbusters returned from the Yorkville Brownstone, Erin asked Kevin to send out for some Chinese from Zhu's. Erin resigned herself to the fact that the food wasn't showing up. It soon became apparent Abby was possessed. Holtzmann removed Doctor Kruger from her. Abby requested a towel from Kevin. He threw it very short of her hand. She noted at least it was a towel she threw. As they watched Kruger settle at the Empire State Building, Kevin asked if he could come this time. They all declined him at the same time. Erin found it odd no one was calling the Firehouse about the Empire State Building. Abby asked Kevin and he revealed he unplugged the phone because the calls were annoying him. They departed for the Empire State Building.

After the Ghostbusters left for the Empire State Building, Kevin plugged the phone back in. It rang constantly. Mayor Bradley called six times. After 20 minutes, Kevin decided not to pull the plug out and repeat the same thing later on. He cut the cord. Since this was the eighth time, Abby already anticipated he would do it again and had a lot of replacement phones waiting. Holtzmann got idea for a Dream Machine to use against Kruger and Kevin got to be a test subject after he promised to be very quiet. He got to wear a colander as a helmet. As Holtzmann tested the dream merge function on Abby and Erin, she made scrambled eggs, too. She called out to Kevin to get her plates. He gave her a record and frisbee instead. Patty was annoyed. Holtzmann countered she found his creative problem-solving inspiring and wanted to study him further when they next had some down time.

For the plan to capture Kruger to work, the Ghostbusters needed someone else to execute the last step because they would be too weak from exiting the Nightmare-Scape to use their equipment. Kevin suited up with his own pack and lay in wait at the Empire State Building. Once the Ghostbusters revived and Kruger reappeared, Kevin fired and wrangled Kruger. Holtzmann wondered if Kevin said "Proton Bean" but Patty told her to be quiet while she recuperated. Kevin captured Kruger with the JH Modified Trap then declared he was part of the team. The others insisted he was always part of the team. Kevin asked when he was getting his own car and pointed out it had a siren. Abby promised if he mastered the phone, they would talk about putting a siren on his Ecto-2. Kevin insisted he was good at using the phone already. Erin pointed out it had to be plugged in.

Egon Spengler asked the Ghostbusters for their help in retrieving ghosts that escaped from the Containment Unit and escaped into the multiverse. All of the teams involved in the operation gathered in the Warehouse. Kevin came along with his team. After Egon revealed the 101 pilot team would be watching the Interspatial Teleportation Unit's controls, the 80-C team immediately voiced concern. Kevin Beckman volunteered to supervise. Erin told him that wouldn't be necessary then asked Egon what happened if something broke. Egon introduced Egon Spengler from Dimension 68-E. Kevin noticed that Egon's ponytail and thought about growing his own. Patty told him to go over and ask the pilot team if there was anything he could help with. Kevin allowed himself to be slimed by the Slimer of Dimension 68-R and levitated off the ground. Slimer took notes on a clipboard. Jenny called the Warehouse from the Firehouse basement. Kevin answered the phone and confirmed the Ghostbusters came back. He announced it was someone named Jenny. Ray took the phone.


Kevin clearly isn't the brightest, but he makes up for it in his looks. He is known for confusing relatively simple things, such as sight and sound.


  • On June 10, 2015, it was first reported Chris Hemsworth joined the cast as the receptionist.[15] Paul Feig confirmed the casting on his Twitter account.[16]
  • On August 17, 2015, photos of Chris Hemsworth in a jumpsuit riding an Ecto-2 was taken.[17]
  • Costume designer Jeffrey Kurland and Chris Hemsworth went through several pairs of glasses to see which one suited Kevin.[18]
  • The receptionist was always going to be male. During production Kristen Wiig improvised Erin having a crush on Kevin.[19]
  • Initially, Kevin was going to be an apathetic character but Melissa McCarthy pointed out the team had to care about wanting to rescue him. Hemsworth began improvising.[20]
  • The Mike Hat joke was improvised by Chris Hemsworth while filming the interview scene.[21]
  • Kevin does web design.[22]
  • Kevin likes hot dogs, because they comprise both food groups which he thinks are dogs and buns.[23]
    • As a result, the logo involving the ghost holding the hot dog was one of his favorite designs.[24]
  • Abby is not attracted to Kevin.[25]
  • During his interview, Kevin is asked not to listen and he closes his eyes. As Abby, Erin, and Holtzmann discuss whether to hire him or not, he hits the gong and again closes his eyes instead of his ears.
  • Kevin hates coffee.[26]
  • Kevin's last name, Beckman, is revealed in Chapter 8. It is printed on his two glamor shots.
  • When Erin tries to call the Ghostbusters, she gets the answering machine and recorded message is from Kevin. His line is a nod to Janine Melnitz's "Whaddya want?" line from the first movie.
  • Rowan was surprised "Kevin" was Kevin's name.
    • In the theatrical edition, Rowan admits he thought Kevin seemed like like a "Chet".[27]
    • In the extended edition, Rowan assumed Kevin would have a more 'Australian' name like "Jack-O" or "Dave-O" or "Rob-O".[28]
  • The Ghostly Interactions Rating System appears on the board by Kevin's desk in the Firehouse.
  • In the extended alternate scene The Longest Job Interview Ever, Kevin reveals:
    • He used to work in a pharmacy.[29]
    • He has a seasonal affective disorder.[30]
    • He suffers from mild narcolepsy and severe daytime sleep night terrors.[31]
    • He gets his sixes and nines and fives and S's mixed up.[32][33]
    • He learned how to play a saxophone by watching his uncle play.[34]
    • He is a compulsive eater.[35]
    • He likes to watch people walk in the morning.[36]
    • He heard Casper the Friendly Ghost and Fred Flintstone got into a fight.
  • In Ghostbusters International #4, in the What Came Before! section, Janine Melnitz's new hire was revealed to be named Kevin likely as a nod to Kevin.
  • In the Ghostbusters Annual 2017, on page 48, Kevin's hot dog design is on the locker.
  • On page 20 of Ghostbusters 101 #1, in panel 3:
    • In the upper left, is Kevin's drawing of a female ghost logo.
    • In the upper left, above Kevin's drawing, on a post-it note is Kevin's hot dog logo.
  • On page 5 of Ghostbusters 101 #2, Kevin is wearing his white lab coat from one of the 2016 movie end credits teasers. He also has issues with answering the phone like in the movie.
  • On page 5, Erin imagines Kevin with the hair of Egon from The Real Ghostbusters.
  • On page 19 of Ghostbusters 101 #2, in panel 5, Kevin covers his eyes like during his job interview in the movie. Kevin's hat from Chapter 16 of the movie is on his desk.
  • On page 9 of Ghostbusters 101 #3, Erin's tirade about Kevin Beckman is a low level nod to Thor, whom Chris Hemsworth portrays in the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies.[37]
  • On page 10 of Ghostbusters 101 #3, Kevin Beckman is wearing the outfit when he appeared in Chapter 8 and 10 the 2016 movie. His shirt is colored a solid green instead of white and green plaid.
  • On page 20 of Ghostbusters 101 #3, in panel 1, Kevin Beckman is playing with a Slinkie - a nod to Ghostbusters II.
  • Kevin appears on the Regular Cover of Ghostbusters 101 #5
  • On the Subscription Cover of Ghostbusters 101 #5, below the Ghost Smashers is Kevin Beckman with his stock photos.
  • On page one of Ghostbusters 101 #5, panel 1, Kevin's No Ghost logo makes a non-canon cameo three beer taps away from the Mini-Trap.
  • On page 18 of Ghostbusters 101 #5, Abby mentions Kevin Beckman lives in the Bronx.[38]
  • On page 19 of Ghostbusters 101 #5, panel 4, Kevin has his saxophone and stethoscope from his stock photos in the 2016 movie.
  • Kevin appears on Cover B of Ghostbusters 101 #6.
  • On the front of the RI Wraparound Photo Cover of Ghostbusters 101 #6 is Kevin Beckman from Chapter 7 of the 2016 movie when he points out that Patty is present after the fact.
  • On page 18 of Ghostbusters 101 #6, Kevin appears with his saxophone on the neutralized Vigo portrait in place of Oscar.
  • On page 7 of Ghostbusters: Answer The Call Issue #1, Kevin is wearing his white shirt and black vest civies, first seen in Chapter 12 of the movie.
  • On page 22 of Ghostbusters Crossing Over Issue #1, the notes posit Kevin is potentially extraterrestrial.
  • The 21st Crossing Over Virtual Trading Card, released on May 1, 2018, revealed:[39]
    • Kevin suffers from extreme ADHD.
    • Kevin's easygoing nature allows him to connect well with customers.
    • Kevin's personality complements the more chaotic ones of Abby, Erin, and Holtzmann.
    • Mike Hat is his service dog and has been trained to keep Kevin on task.
    • Kevin is bilingual (but he usually forgets he is).
  • On page 20 of Ghostbusters Crossing Over Issue #2, Kevin is holding a photo of Mike Hat.
  • On page 19 of Ghostbusters Crossing Over Issue #3, in panel 4, Kevin is wearing his white T-shirt from when he was possessed by Rowan in Chapter 13 of the 2016 movie.
  • On page 20 of Crossing Over #3, Kevin Beckman thinks about growing long hair, a nod to Chris Hemsworth who portrays Thor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies.
  • On page 20 of Crossing Over #3, panel 4, Kevin is now inexplicably wearing his brown coat from Chapter 8 of the 2016 movie.
  • Kevin appears on Cover A of Ghostbusters Crossing Over Issue #8.
  • On page 14 of Ghostbusters Crossing Over Issue #8, Kevin is in his white T-shirt and flightsuit tied off at the waste like when Rowan was in possession of him in Chapter 13 of the 2016 movie.
  • In each issue of Crossing Over in the Ghostbusters Crossing Over TPB, Dan Schoening added cameos of Kevin Beckman, head only, in random panels:
    • Issue #1
      • In page 11 of the issue, panel 5, peaking up from the table between Kylie Griffin and Peter.
    • Issue #2
      • In page 4 of the issue, panel 2, right of Jenny Moran by the black chip bag.
    • Issue #3
      • In page 16 of the issue, panel 4, in the tree right of Dani Shpak.
    • Issue #4
      • In page 13 of the issue, panel 1, above Erin Gilbert on the left.
    • Issue #5
      • In page 9, panel 1, by the staircase on the far right.
    • Issue #6
      • In page 1 of the issue, panel 2, right of Janine Melnitz.
    • Issue #7
      • In page 4 of the issue, panel 1, in the bush on the far right.
    • Issue #8
      • In page 20 of the issue, panel 4, the middle interior of the display by the register.



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