Not to be confused with Kenner's unreleased Slimerizer.

The Slime Blaster was a slime weapon released as a exclusive in the Australian market in late 2016. It was released by Kidzwiz.


This item is a re-brand of a German released toy called the "Cyber Strike X-Stream 349 Slime Control". In most versions, it keeps the color scheme only switching out the "Slime Blaster" title on pump area of the gun for "X-Stream 349".

Other Releases

This is a list of other releases of the same type of slime weapon. This doesn't included the Cyber Strike X-Stream 239 Slime Control and the Refill Slime Control, which were released in other markets but not re-branded as Ghostbusters.

  • Cyber Strike X-Stream 349 Slime Control (By Splash Toys for default locations in Europe: UK, Germany)
  • Slime Attack X-Stream 349 (By Multikids for Brazil)
  • Cyber Strike X-Stream 349 Slime-shooting rifle, aka Cyber Strike Fucile Spaar-slime (By Grandi Giochi for Italy)


  • In some ways it is like the Slime Blower from Ghostbusters II.

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