Kidzwiz had produced for Joker Entertainment a slime toy related line. The toy line was released for a exclusive Australian market in late 2016.

List of Products

  • Slimer Gooey Ectoplasm (Yellow)
  • Slimer Gooey Ectoplasm (Green)
  • Slimer Gooey Ectoplasm (Pink)
  • Ectoplasm Slime In Tube
  • Slime Blaster


  • Other than the Slime Blaster, the rest of the products are reused concept/designs from Joker Entertainment.
    • Slimer Gooey Ectoplasm's reuse the Slimy (Swiss Formula) concept design.[1]
    • Ectoplasm Slime In Tube's reuse the Slimy Flush Turbo Tube concept design.[2]

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  2. Joker Entertainment: Slimy Flush Turbo Tube


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