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The Killer in Black is the ghost of a murderer from the 1920s.


A woman in a blue dress was killed on the tenth floor of The Trask Hotel in the 1920s and haunted the Trask ever since. [1] The Killer in Black started to manifest at the hotel many decades later and displayed aggressive tendencies towards people. The killer enjoyed murdering her so much, he sought her out in the afterlife to torture her for eternity. [2] The Trask hired the Chicago Ghostbusters to capture the killer only. The team split up into pairs and searched the tenth floor. After the first sweep didn't deliver any results, Ron Alexander decided to try a new Ghost Attractant spray he concocted in order to bring the ghost to them. The Killer in Black soon appeared, formed knives, and charged Lou Kamaka and Ron. Ron fired an atomizing stream from his Boson Caster and destroyed the Killer's right hand. However, he only became agitated and manifested fiver arms. Rookie and Dani forced their way through a small flood of red Ectoplasm and caught up to the others just in time. Dani fired a confinement stream on the Killer while Rookie threw out a Trap. As they wondered about the ghost, the Woman in Blue appeared and confirmed it was the man who murdered her and why he manifested. Before she could finish thanking them, Ron trapped her so they could charge the hotel an extra 40% return fee. He asked the manager how much the Woman in Blue was worth to the Trask. Lou and Ron encountered a similar case on December 1 while aiding Special Agent Melanie Ortiz in Minnesota.

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