King Arthur was a ruler of England and resided in Camelot.


King Arthur was the king of England in roughly the late 5th to early 6th century A.D. and fiercely protected his base of operations, the city of Camelot, from outsiders. However, he was impressed by the intelligence and battle prowess of a time displaced Ray Stantz. The two become close allies and friends. Some time later, Arthur and his knights came upon Peter Venkman and Rachel Unglighter.

Though skeptical of Peter's claims, Arthur took them to see Ray. The four embarked on a mission to free the kidnapped citizens of Camelot. While Peter, Ray, and Rachel distracted the paranormal forces, Arthur would break down the front entrance and lead his people out. He none too surprised when Morgan Le Fay, his evil half-sister, appeared. After Peter destroyed her, the Ghostbusters set out. King Arthur vowed to honor Ray as a hero and friend.


  • Aside from the different coloring used, it is the same King Arthur design from Mike Barr and Brian Bolland’s legendary "Camelot 3000" comic series. [1]



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