Knights vs. Cowboys is a Funko POP! board game


The Ghostbusters spent some off-time playing a game of Ninjas vs. Samurais. Winston Zeddemore began to suspect Peter Venkman was cheating. He was validated when Peter admitted he was cheating a little. Ray Stantz interjected and stated page 14 of the rulebook explicitly stated that cheating was encouraged unless an official challenge was presented before the next turn started. [1] It was too late to issue a challenge and Egon Spengler's turn started. He quickly declared he won by manipulating the other three into fighting each other while he stood back and watched the carnage. He had his cowboys fire and took everyone left out. Ray wanted to play again but there was a call from the Natural History Museum. They ended up using Egon's strategy against the ghosts of the Four Masters, a ninja, a samurai, an archer, and a martial artist, in Japan to capture them. Peter found the Ninjas vs. Samurais expansion in a downtown game shop but the others didn't take too kindly to the announcement and threw ramen at them.


IDW Comics


  1. Ray Stantz (2017). IDW Comics- "Ghostbusters: Funko Universe" (2017) (Comic p.3). Ray Stantz says: "--He caught you, but on page 14 of the rulebook, it explicitly states that cheating is encouraged unless an official challenge is presented before the next turn has started."
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