Kristen Wiig is a actress in Ghostbusters (2016 Movie).

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Other work

  • The Martian - Actress (2015)
  • Saturday Night Live (TV Series) - Cast (2005-2012)
  • Bridesmaids - Writer, Co-Producer, Actress (2011)
  • How to Train Your Dragon - Voice Actress (2010)
  • Carnata (Short) - Actress (2011)


  • Kristen Wiig is close friends with Paul Feig's wife, Laurie, and contacted him through her about a role in the movie.[1]
  • Jessi Fisher was Kristen Wiig's stunt double.[2]
  • Kristen Wiig accidentally punched Chris Gethard in one take.[3]
  • On page 215 of Ghosts from Our Past: Both Literally and Figuratively: The Study of the Paranormal (Three Rivers Press), Kristen Wiig is thanked in the acknowledgment section.
  • On page 16 of Ghostbusters 101 #2, in panel 2, the sign on the left is for Cholodecki's Jewelry Store, where Wiig's character worked at in the "Bridesmaids" movie directed by Paul Feig and co-starred Melissa McCarthy.
  • On page 16 of Ghostbusters 101 #2, in panel 2, the sign on the right is "Wiig's Hair Design" with an advertised phone number of 555-WIIG - all a nod to Kristen Wiig.

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