Not to be confused with Kylie's Apartment from Extreme Ghostbusters

Kylie's Apartment is Kylie Griffin's unit, 15, in an apartment complex in Queens.


While at home, Kylie received a call from Janine Melnitz informing her of a Class 5 in the neighborhood. Not willing to be woken up in the middle of the night again, Kylie suited up and departed. She told Pagan to be good and take a nap or something. Pagan was not amused. Some time later, Pagan was woken up abruptly when the Queens Class 5 entered Kylie's apartment room. It chased Pagan but he ran to the pile of spare Traps and hit one of the foot pedals. The ghost was trapped. Pagan was relieved and returned to his spot on a bookshelf then knocked a mug over.


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