Kylie's Junior High is an abandoned junior high school located in New Jersey once attended by Kylie Griffin. [1]


Years ago, Kylie attended the junior high. She won the 8th grade Cheerleader of the Year award and was memorialized in a display case. [2] However, at some point after she left, the school was shut down and left to decay. Edward Kirilian chose the site as his secret laboratory to open a portal to the Netherworld.

In 1997, a P.K.E. trail left by the Spirit Slaves of Kirilian led them to the now abandoned school. The team descended down into the civil defense tunnel and shelter where they discovered Kirilian and his gateway device. The team was separated from Egon Spengler and wandered aimlessly until Slimer found them and led them to Egon and Kirilian. Egon was able to seal off the portal but Kirilian was taken through by a ghost.


Extreme Ghostbusters


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