Not to be confused with P.K.E. Meter from Extreme Ghostbusters

Kylie's P.K.E. Meter is a secondary P.K.E. Meter used by Winston Zeddemore and Kylie Griffin.


During a summer cross country trip to take care of out of state busts, the Ghostbusters took a case in New Mexico. Winston used the P.K.E. Meter when the guys were trying to detect readings of the Roswell Army Ghosts. The next year, in May, Kylie began using the P.K.E. Meter following the formation of the New Ghostbusters team. She used it during a photo shoot scheduled by Jack Hardemeyer. Kylie continued to employ it, after the New Ghostbusters disbanded, in Mamaroneck. Kylie used the P.K.E. Meter at Grand Central Station. She located Connla then turned and fired but he dodged the stream.


Primary Canon

IDW Comics

Secondary Canon

Cryptozoic Entertainment


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