Laura Parr is a woman attacked and murdered by a Phantom Truck Driver.


Somewhere in Oregon, Laura Parr was on the road singing to "I Cheat the Hangman" from the Doobie Brothers' "Stampede" album, as she made her way to her parents' home in Twin Ridges. All of a sudden, her mini-hatch was hit from the back by a Phantom Big Rig. She was forced off the road and went down a slope into a bunch of trees. Laura died and manifested as a ghost. She became something of a phantom hitchhiker and told pedestrians about her encounter, concluding her car was a total write off.

Nearly 20 years later, she hitched a ride with Peter Venkman and was curious with the odd equipment in Ecto-1a. She had never heard of the Ghostbusters. The Phantom Truck Driver soon manifested. Laura recognized him as the one that tried to kill her. Peter had Laura take over the wheel of Ecto while he armed himself with a Proton Pack.

Peter managed to neutralize the Phantom Big Rig with a Slime Blower. He advised Laura to pull over and hit the switch marked "Muon Trap" on the center console when he gave the word. Together, they trapped the Phantom Truck Driver in the Super Slammer Muon Trap. Peter then took the wheel again and proceeded to take Laura back home to Twin Ridges. Laura thanked Peter for trapping the phantom, giving her a ride, and taking her back home. When Peter was distracted, Laura dispersed. Confused, Peter met Laura's mother Mrs. Parr and learned the truth.


On February 24th, 2012, Tristan Jones posted a character study for Lauren Parr. [1]

On March 20th, 2012, Tristan Jones posted another teaser of Lauren Parr titled "The Eyes of Lauren Parr." [2]


Laura Parr was a Confused Spirit, a type of Class 4. [3]


  • Laura's mini hatch has an Oregon license plate, "979-THJ"
    • The license plate is a reference to the movie "Cujo" [4]
  • Laura Parr and Twin Ridges are references to the David Lynch show Twin Peaks, which centers around the murder of Laura Palmer in the town of Twin Peaks, Washington.

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