The Legion of the Stench are demons who follow the Lord of the Stench.


The Lord of the Stench formed a plan to steal the Shears of Fate from The Fates and give his master, the Lord of Evil, the power to control the lives of mortals and manipulate evil. The Lord summoned his legion to storm the cave that the Fates occupied. The Fates sent the Shears to New York City in the mid-1980s. The legion searched through time and space for the shears. One appeared at a bridge opening and stole the scissors to be used to cut the ceremonial ribbon. It then used the scissors to destroy the bridge. Another demon stole scissors from Ben Franklin, forcing him to use a key in his lightning experiment.

Eventually, the legion swarmed the Garment District. The Ghostbusters were called in and disturbed their search of the shears. Once the Lord of the Stench realized what transpired, he and the legion teleported to the Firehouse. The Ghostbusters later ventured to Netherworld to extract the shears. Due to the nature of their powers, the Ghostbusters had only an hour and needed to return to the exact spot they were teleported to. The legion chased after them as they ran off with the shears. Once the Ghostbusters returned to the physical plane, the Fates took the shears and vanished.


The Real Ghostbusters


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