"He misses his kitty! Well we'll just place one in here right by the castle."

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Lenny Del Genio is an actor that appeared in Ghostbusters.

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Other Works

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  • The Happy Hooker - Actor (1975)



  1. 1.0 1.1 Shay, Don (November 1985). Making Ghostbusters, p. 124 annotation. New York Zoetrope, New York NY USA, ISBN 0918432685. Paragraph reads: "Because shooting time ran out in New York, Venkman's entrance into Dana's apartment house was not shot at the 55 Central Park West location -- but rather at a facsimile of its ground floor constructed at the Columbia Ranch in Burbank for the later sinkhole sequence. Rather than go to the expense of bringing the New York 'doorman' to Los Angeles, a different, but similar-looking actor was hired for the pickup scene."
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