Leonardo da Vinci is a famous Italian polymath.


Centuries after the death of King Francis I, the ghost of Leonardo da Vinci felt he owed it to their friendship and continue to work on inventions that will strengthen France and make the lives of its citizens better off. Leonardo occupied the Versailles palace of his close personal friend, where he was once a guest of, and tried to fulfill his promise. The people concluded he was a pesky ghost and terrorized them for years.

A time-displaced Janine Melnitz was asked to capture him, but since she had no traps, she tried negotiating with him. They eventually started their own ghostbusting business. Janine appealed to Leonardo and the ghost made improvements to the Proton Pack and created more along with other devices like Traps. However, he made little progress on a time traveling machine to help Janine return to her proper time.

After several missions, they succeed in trapping a Level Six Slime Entity, which had swallowed the Ghostbusters, who had gone back in time to rescue Janine. Leonardo stated that the creature barely made their top twenty list of villains, remarking that not even the English witch Le Fay or the singing Gargoyles of Notre Dame were deadlier adversaries. The Ghostbusters and Janine then go home.


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