Leslie [1] is a college student who attends Columbia University and appears in a deleted scene of Ghostbusters.


As Peter Venkman, Ray Stantz, and Egon Spengler walked downstairs to their laboratory, after their investigation of the New York City Public Library, they passed by Leslie in the stairwell. Peter briefly broke off the discussion about getting a Nobel Prize for their research and playfully acknowledged Leslie for not saying 'hello' to him. Leslie turned and smiled as she continued up the stairs. As the trio went around the corner to their office, Leslie glanced in their direction once more.


  • While the Stairwell scene existed in drafts, the Leslie character has not. She appears to have been added during shooting of the scene. She may have taken the place of character in the 8/5/83 draft - an irate student named Beth who was given a D on her midterm by Peter despite an "arrangement" they had. [2]




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