Level 12: Temple of the Destroyer is the last level in the Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime.

Plot/Cut Screens

The Ghostbusters junior team confronts Dr. Tesmon but he takes the Relic of Nilhe. Ismael reveals his plan and completes a chant that revives Dumazu. Ismael and the team are sucked into a nearby portal opened from a painting.

The first battle is against Ismael and the second is against Dumazu.

Two days later, the teams and staff celebrate the victory at the Firehouse. As a memento, the junior team took the painting that sucked them to another dimension, now inert probably, and it is hung up in the Firehouse. Janosz Poha arrives and apologizes again to Alan Crendall. This time, Alan forgives him. Janosz is happy and announces he plans on solving his love problems by trying out online dating. Peter Venkman and Bridget Gibbons offer their two cents on the method. The End.


The level is a two part boss battle that takes place in another dimension.

Main Area Part 1

Main Area Part 2


There are no items to collect.



Final Cinematic

Previous Level Next Level
Level 11: Parkview Retribution None
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