The Library Phantasm is in Stylized versions of the video game. For strategy on defeating him, go to Checking Out the Library Level (stylized version).

The phantasm appears in four colors: Blue, Purple, Yellow, and Red. They are similar to the Hotel Phantasm, and to an extent play the same role as Crusto and Cruster do in the Realistic Version of the game.

According to Tobin's Spirit Guide

  • Category: Class 4 Free-Roaming Floater
  • Abilities: Slime, Inanimate Possession, Hiding

Tobin's Summary:

While some ghosts possess the ability to enter a solid object and then levitate it through their own power, others have the ability to manipulate objects at a distance, without even coming into contact with the object in question. These spirits are considered powerful and quite dangerous and have been known to levitate furniture and other heavy objects, hurling them at innocent people. They can also imbue small objects with a small degree of intelligence. The resulting objects have enough focus to aim themselves at people and try to impact under their own power while the animator ghost goes about its business elsewhere.

Egon's Notes:

When a manifestation has the ability to move small to medium-sized objects about at will, a library can become a veritable powder keg. You might not think it, but getting hit with the spine of a hardback book can really leave a mark.

Ray's Tips:

The Gray Lady's made some ugly friends since the last time we saw her. You'll have to use the Blast Stream to actually capture these, but the Shock Blast can work great for clearing out furniture they would try to hide in or control.

Supplemental Data

The art page can be found in the NYC Public Library, during the "Get Her!" section. It is hidden inside a stack of books in a corner of the sorting room.


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