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Lieutenant Frump[4][5][6][7] is an obese but high-ranking member of the NYPD who often investigates alleged crimes committed by the Ghostbusters. He makes no secret of his hatred towards the Ghostbusters.


After Bud was attacked by the Headless Horseman, Lieutenant Frump took the case and concluded Peter Venkman was the prime suspect. To Frump, Venkman had the motive and easy access to ghosts. Bud and Peter had a brief tussle at a party before the attack. To add to Frump's suspicion, Peter was selling ghost insurance at the party and Bud's occupation was insurance investigator. Frump tailed the Ghostbusters and witnessed them help Kate trap the Headless Horseman. He saw enough to exonerate Peter and left the scene.

On one St. Patrick's Day, Frump happily reveled in the Ghostbusters being thrown in prison after the Mayor's Wife was blasted at by accident. He participated in the St. Patrick's Day Parade by being part of the Police Benevolent Society's float. After the Bog Hound broke up the parade, Peter tripped over Frump - who was trying to hide. He berated Peter then ran off. Frump was later in charge of the police detail for a Thanksgiving Day Parade[8] He soon had police surround the Firehouse to have the Ghostbusters and Janine Melnitz included, arrested for the Murray the Mantis debacle. But once the Ghostbusters, Slimer, and the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man defeated Murray, Frump hurried off to restart the parade.


Frump is a gigantic and obese cop that is only interested in getting the Ghostbusters in prison; though not because he considers them frauds, as he does accept the reality of ghosts.

Despite his obsession over arresting the Ghostbusters, he is still a reasonable cop. If the Ghostbusters appear to be innocent of a crime, he accepts they were not guilty.



The Real Ghostbusters


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