Little Bo Peep[2] is the lead character from a popular children's nursery rhyme famous for losing her sheep.


Little Bo Beep and her sheep were characters made real accidentally by the Ethereal Solidifier. Sometime near 10:30 A.M., while the Ghostbusters investigated the Enchanted Manhattan Forest and Gingerbread House then briefly met The White Rabbit and the Card Soldiers, Little Bo Peep arrived at the Firehouse. Her sheep ruined several rugs. As the Ghostbusters returned, Bo and her sheep departed.


  • Janine Melnitz thought Little Bo Beep was a "total weirdo."
  • Bo Peep's eyes were a shady green, giving a sinister appearance. Her sheep had faces resembling skulls. Despite these outward looks, neither Bo Peep nor her sheep were hostile. Bo Peep promptly thanked the Ghostbusters for finding her sheep, and apologizing for ruining a few rugs.


The Real Ghostbusters


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