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Logan Kim is an actor that appeared in Ghostbusters: Afterlife as Podcast.

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The information in this section is gathered from IMDb and is meant to only be a brief list of highlights of their career.

  • Home Movie: The Princess Bride (TV Mini Series short) - Actor for one episode (2020)


  • Someone on the Ghostbusters: Afterlife set pranked Logan Kim and Mckenna Grace by leaving bones at the foot of their trailers and in front of the trailer for their schooling.[1]
  • Podcast's real name was originally in the Ghostbusters: Afterlife script but it was later removed. Logan Kim does know what it is.[2]
  • Logan Kim could barely see when he wore the Ecto Goggles during filming. He even hit Mckenna Grace's face by accident once.[3]
  • During one take, Logan Kim slipped and fell so hard, the Ecto Goggles came off and slid across the floor.[4]
  • During filming for the Summerville Foundry scene, Logan Kim slipped and fell. While everyone was alarmed, Mckenna Grace was the only person on set who started laughing. Kim started laughing soon after.[5]
  • The Ecto Goggles fell off Logan Kim's head over 10 times during filming.[6]
  • It took an hour to apply the marshmallow residue to Logan Kim. It was a substance with cornstarch in it. Some would be glued to his face. A separate Ecto Goggles prop was used that was covered in the substance. After awhile, it would harden like Jell-O and the flightsuit would get really moist and uncomfortable.[7]
  • Logan Kim lost his voice after filming the scene where he has to scream and taser Mini-Pufts in Ecto-1. Some marshmallow got flung into his eye.[8]


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