The Lone Gunmen are three men who investigate corporate and government intrigue like a misguided Mission: Impossible team, embarking on missions that simultaneously highlight their genius and ineptitude.



John Fitzgerald Byers was born on November 22, 1963 - the day Kennedy was assassinated. Byers' parents named him after Kennedy instead of their first choice "Bertram." He is a former public relations worker for the FCC and has a working knowledge of medicine, genetics, and chemistry. He is a conservative dresser with a neatly trimmed beard and considered the most "normal" of the Lone Gunmen.


Melvin Frohike is a former 1960s radical, skilled computer hacker, and photo specialist. He is the oldest of the three and considers himself the 'action guy' for the team. Frohike always maintains a lascivious attitude towards women and has a unique fashion sense - a leather jacket, black vest, combat boots, and fingerless gloves.


Richard Langley is the most confrontational and youngest of the three. A big fan of the Ramones, Ringo also enjoys Quake, Dungeons & Dragons, critiquing the scientific in inaccuracies of the short-lived sci-fi show, "Earth-2" and competes with Frohike over who's the better hacker.

X-Files: Conspiracy

The Lone Gunmen received an email with a disturbing report allegedly from the future. Fox Mulder and Dana Scully corroborated the report and the Gunmen were tasked with investigating urban legends mentioned in the report. One was the Ghostbusters. The Lone Gunmen quickly concluded the Ghostbusters were con artists and could have hallucinogenic materials, optic parlor tricks, or bio-weaponry at their disposal. The Gunmen disguised themselves as reporters and infiltrated the Firehouse on the pretense of a scheduled interview about something that happened on Long Island. While on the way to the rest room, the Gunmen looked around for anything of possible alien origin. Frohike thought everything was junk and examined a modified Trap. He accidentally released the Electrokinetic Modified Ghost. Unwilling to leave the Gunmen alone, the Ghostbusters split off into teams and searched the Firehouse for the ghost.

After the ghost was recaptured, the Ghostbusters and Lone Gunmen hashed things out. Ray Stantz recognized them as he used to subscribe to their newspaper. Their conversation settled on use of otherworldly specimens for targeted time travel and the Higgs Singlet. Disappointed, the Lone Gunmen returned home and listened to a radio report about a worsening outbreak in Virginia.


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