In Loose Screws, Slimer accidentally breaks one of the Ghost Traps, and rather than confess his mistake, allows the Ghostbusters to take the trap on a job... with scary results![2]



Egon Spengler

Winston Zeddemore

Ray Stantz

Peter Venkman

Grocery Specter

Janine Melnitz

Containment Unit Escapees




Proton Pack

Particle Thrower

Dimensional Inverter

Containment Unit



Grocery Delicatessan


Slimer played around with a makeshift Proton Pack and even imitated Peter. He found a trap and broke into pieces after it fell down the stairs. Slimer panicked and reassembled the Trap. However, he was left with one screw. The alarm suddenly rang and Slimer hid the screw in himself. The Ghostbusters boarded Ecto-1 and asked Slimer to come along and bring the Trap, unaware it was faulty. They arrived at a supermarket and found a cat-like entity throwing food. Slimer flew in front of the guys and ate the food. The Ghostbusters countered and confined the ghost.

Slimer used the faulty trap but it still captured the entity. Spectral essence leaked from the trap and infected various inanimate objects as Ecto-1 returned home. A boy named Chucky tried to ride an elephant machine outside the market but it came to life. A parking meter swiped a woman's purse and ate it. A vending machine sprayed a man trying to buy a drink. After Peter and Janine traded quips, Egon asked Slimer to take the trap in the basement and someone would empty it later on. Soon everything in the Firehouse is infected and became animated. Slimer noticed the essence and tried to sweep it away but the broom came to life and attacked him! Slimer got the upper hand and trapped it in a closet. Upstairs, Janine's desk, office items, and water jug came to life. A coat hanger took a swipe at Slimer and two staplers stapled Ray to a wall. Peter and Winston grabbed Proton Packs and took care of the animated objects. A wave of chemicals came down the stairs. Peter and Egon ran up to the lab and saw a huge mess. They narrowly dodged a bolt of electricity shot by an outlet. The alarm for the Containment Unit sounded off.

The guys discovered the Containment Unit was animated and spitting out ghosts. Egon found the faulty trap and Slimer confessed to Egon in tears. While everyone dealt with the objects and ghosts, Egon got to work on a modification to his Particle Thrower in order to safely restore the Containment Unit to normal. Peter ran back upstairs to deal with animated objects trying to enter the Firehouse, the elephant, parking meter, vending machine, and construction equipment. Peter struggled to take down the road roller. In the basement, Ray and Winston only had one empty trap left. Egon was finished and blasted the Containment Unit with his modified thrower. It was a success.

Once the smoke cleared, Egon explained everything. The elements of the ghost leaked out of the faulty trap, the essence infected everything, and the objects followed the Ghostbusters to the Firehouse in hopes of reassembling itself into a single ghost again. Back inside, the Ghostbusters made Slimer swear to never play with the equipment again. Then they all forgave him and got to work on cleaning up the big mess.


  • The episode was recorded on July 26 and 31, 1989.[3]
  • Dave Coulier recorded alone on July 31, 1989.[4]
  • This episode was only 15 minutes long.
  • Slimer briefly morphs his appearance to mimic Peter while he played around, down to Peter's hair.
  • The plot of a ghost's essence being scattered and trying to reassemble is similar to the plot in "Lost and Foundry"
  • Ron Green voices the Meter.[5]
  • Peter says, "Nice shootin' Tex!" to Winston. This is originally a line from the first movie when the Ghostbusters tried to bust Slimer.[6]
  • Egon admits he hadn't run an experiment in a week.[7]
  • Objects the Grocery Specter possesses after leaking from the broken trap:
    • An elephant kiddie ride.
    • A parking meter.
    • A soda machine.
    • Construction equipment.
    • Janine's typewriter.
    • Office supplies.
    • Egon's lab equipment.
    • A broom Slimer used in an attempt to get rid of the ghost's leaked essence.
    • The Containment Unit. Under the possession of the Grocery Specter, the grid comes to life and spits out the ghosts imprisoned in it. It did not stop until Egon adjusted his particle thrower to seal the storage facility shut without destroying it.


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