Lothgar[2] was a demon whose greed imprisoned him in a barren, empty world.


According to Tobin's Spirit Guide, Lothgar attempted to escape his prison by finding another to replace him. European villagers eventually got wise to Lothgar's plans. They jammed the gears of his enchanted clock to ensure that Lothgar would remain in the clock and the portal could never open again.[3][4] After 100 years, the clock arrived at Toy Tower, the world's largest toy store, in New York, where the gears were fixed by a mechanic named Sam.[5] Lothgar sent out three minions to seek out his replacement. They possessed three toys that became presents for Lawrence Tully on his birthday. The three possessed toys then took Lawrence to Toyland, where the demon convinced the boy that he will get everything he wanted.

Lothgar sensed Peter Venkman's presence and imprisoned him in a candy cane cage, to prevent any interference. Louis Tully and the other Ghostbusters came just in time to rescue both him and Lawrence. At that time, Lothgar tricked Lawrence into trading places with him, freeing Lothgar and dooming Lawrence to take Lothgar's place as prisoner of Toyland. Fortunately, Lothgar was trapped near the pan dimensional portal. Since Lothgar's powers were now nullified, Toyland began to collapse.[6] Everyone escaped and the Ghostbusters destroyed the clock for good measure.


Lothgar is able to make illusions so that his barren prison looked like Lawrence Tully's kind of paradise. He can also fly and has other magic-like powers.


The Real Ghostbusters


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