Lothgar's Minions are three ghosts were serve the demon Lothgar.


Over 100 years after being sealed in Toyland, the portal was reopened. Lothgar commanded his three minions to go through to the physical plane and select a suitable victim to take his place. They possessed three toys located in the Toy Tower and waited for a perfect recruit. The next day, they overhead Louis Tully talking about his spoiled nephew Lawrence Tully. They altered their $200 price tag into a 3-for-1 deal. Louis immediately gravitated towards the sale and bought the toys.

At Lawrence's birthday, they started eating all the food before they vacated with Lawrence. One of the toys transformed into a jet and took Lawrence back to the Toy Tower. Upon returning to Toyland, they guarded Lothgar's Castle and were defeated by the Ghostbusters. The transforming minion had a weak spot below its shoulder.[2] They appear to have been trapped in their host bodies and stuck in Toyland once the Ghostbusters closed the portal.


  • One of the minions referred to itself as "Doofus the Dinosaur" while in its host.[3]


The Real Ghostbusters


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