Louie the Gangster[2] is the ghost of a gangster encountered by the Ghostbusters right before their first conflict with Boogieman.


Louie attempted to evade the Ghostbusters while driving a truck. The truck almost crashed into another truck, at which point he stopped the truck, ripped the driver door off, and flew away. Louie unsuccessfully tried to scare the Ghostbusters. The Ghostbusters then cornered him and trapped him. He was then put into the Containment Unit.


He is very much like a stereotypical New York gangster.


He appears to have shape-changing abilities, as evidenced when he briefly turned into a monster to try and scare the Ghostbusters. He could be a Class 4 since he is the ghost of a deceased person and is aware of the current time, but he appears to forget that he is a ghost, which would make him a Class 3.

Based On

Louie is based on a gangster from the early 20th century. While it is a common name in the time frame, he may be based on Louis Pioggi. His voice is also based on Edward G. Robinson's.


The Real Ghostbusters


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