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Louis Tully; Ghostbusters

Louis Tully is an accountant who lived down the hall from Dana Barrett, in an apartment building on Central Park West. Five years later, he became the Ghostbusters' accountant.


Primary Canon History

Ghostbusters (1984)

In 1984, Louis Tully was a resident of the Shandor Building at 550 Central Park West and lived on the 22nd floor. Louis occupied 2202. He had unreciprocated romantic feelings for Dana Barrett and clumsily burst out of his apartment whenever she was in the hallway. He was mysteriously locked out of his apartment numerous times, unaware of the supernatural history of the building. Louis Tully popped his head out of his apartment one day in his blue tracksuit and Adidas. He and Dana exchanged greetings. Louis remarked he thought it was the drugstore. Dana paused and asked if he was sick. Louis said he was fine and he just ordered some more vitamins and stuff. He revealed he was just exercising. Dana eyed her door then turned back to Louis. Louis revealed he taped a 20-minute Workout and played it back at high speed on his machine so it only took ten minutes. Dana was losing interest. Louis offered her inside for a mineral water. Dana turned him down saying she would really like to, but she had to go rehearsal. She continued on. He followed. Louis took a rain check on that and told her he always had plenty of low sodium mineral water and other nutritious foods in the house but she already knew that. Dana lowered her case. Dana dryly commented she knew that like she was told this many many times. Louis remembered he was having a big party for his clients. Dana handed her grocery bag to him to hold while she opened her door. It was his fourth anniversary as an accountant. Even though she filed her own own tax return, which he thought she shouldn't do, he still invited her to the party because she was his neighbor and all. Dana smiled and thanked him. She promised she would really try to stop by. Louis continued that she shouldn't leave her TV on so loud when went out. He told her the creep down the hall phoned the manager. A confused look came on Dana's face. She looked inside her apartment. Dana admitted she didn't realize she left it on. Louis revealed he climbed on the ledge and tried to disconnect the cable, but he couldn't get in, so he turned his TV up real loud too so everyone would think all the TVs had something wrong with them. Dana quickly told him bye and closed the door on him. Her apartment was 2206. Unfazed, Louis continued and told her he would see her later and would give her a call. He announced he was going to go have a shower. He tried to open his door but he locked himself out. Two days later, Louis stepped out of his apartment but it was Peter Venkman leaving Dana's. He was locked out again and stood with his back to his door as Peter passed by.

One Thursday night, Louis was hosting a party in honor of his fourth anniversary as an accountant. At the time the Terror Dogs, Vinz Clortho (The Keymaster) and Zuul (The Gatekeeper) had escaped from their statues and began to search for host bodies. Dana tried to sneak past Louis Tully's door. He popped out to greet her. Louis invited her in and called it a classic party. Dana admitted she had a date. Louis was shocked. He walked up to her. His door closed. Dana apologized and told him she forgot about the party. She walked away looking guilty. There was a pause. Louis told her it was okay and she could bring him along. Dana's guilt vanished and she grinned. She promised they might stop by. Louis replied that was great and he was going to tell everyone the good news. He revealed he had Twister and break dancing planned. Louis realized he was locked out yet again. He called for someone to let him back in. The party was in full swing. As Louis himself was busy at the sink, a woman wearing glasses came in and asked him if he had any Excedrin or Extra-Strength Tylenol. He handed her a bottle of generic acetylsalicylic acid which was apparently just as effective, but much better value for money when it came to quantity as well as quality. As the lady wandered off to get a drink, Louis left the kitchen with what he calls authentic Nova Scotia smoked salmon which was another good buy, also stopping to ask if one of his guests was having a good time. As he asked a number of seated people if it would be a good idea to break out some Brie cheese, a tall blonde wearing pink stood up and said that she was going home, apparently bored with the proceedings. Louis suggested that they start dancing and encourage other people to join in in order to bring a bit more life to the party. The blonde agreed, but their impromptu dancing to the tune of the 'Burn, Baby, Burn' chorus of "Disco Inferno" was almost immediately cut short by the doorbell and Louis went to answer it. He greeted the new arrivals, a middle-aged married couple, and introduced them as Ted and Annette Fleming. He explained his business relationship with them out loud for everyone to hear: Ted had a small carpet-cleaning business in receivership, Annette was drawing a salary from a deferred bonus from two years ago, and they had fifteen thousand left on the house at eight percent. As he went to put their coats in his bedroom, he so wrapped up in the story, that he failed to notice Vinz Clortho was waiting for him on his bed. He tossed the Fleming's coats and it happened to land on top of Vinz's head.

Unaware of the imminent danger to come, Louis asked if anyone would like to play Parcheesi, but an explosive growl from the dog in the bedroom caused everyone to look confusedly at the door. Confused as well, Louis turned and said, "Okay, who brought the dog?", apparently under the impression that one of his guests had somehow managed to smuggle their pet into the party. Milliseconds after he said this, there was a huge roar and the guests closest to it screamed in terror as Vinz burst through the bedroom door, causing Louis to flinch as it flew past him towards the refreshment table. Vinz landed right on the table, demolishing it completely. Everyone screamed and scattered as Vinz focused its attention on Louis. Lous also screamed then ran out into the hall. Louis fled down the hall to the elevator as Vinz came barrelling through his apartment door and bounced off the door directly opposite. The elevator arrived and Louis got in and pressed the button for the ground floor. Louis ran out the Shandor Building. He screamed for help and reported there was a bear loose in his apartment. He continued screaming for help. Louis ran across the street. Cars honked at him. He jumped and climbed over a wall into Central Park. Louis ran through the Park. He made a mental note to bring this incident up at the next tenant's meeting because there was a no pets rule in the building. Louis came upon the Tavern on the Green. He went up the steps, stopped at and turned at a statue, then ran up to windows. He banged once on the window. He ran to door. It was locked. Louis whimpered to be let in. Louis knocked a white chair down, then doubled back and hopped over some brush, and banged on the window. He pleaded for someone to let him in. Louis kept on screaming, then turned his head around then his whole body. His back pressed against the window. Vinz Clortho caught up to him. Louis tried to talk to him like a person to a regular dog and frantically checked his pocket for a Milk-Bone. Vinz Clortho growled. Louis screamed in terror then slid down to the ground and fainted. The restaurant guests and staff were quiet for a couple of seconds, then resumed their conversations. The music restarted as well. The Terror Dog possessed him.

Louis, now inhabited by Vinz Clortho, ran around Central Park harassing random people in search of Zuul, The Gatekeeper. He bumped into a Coachman who gave him a hard time for talking to his horse. The possessed Louis growled at him as his eyes flared purplish-red. He ran off rambling incoherently about the coming of Gozer. He later was picked up by the Cops, who in turn dropped him off at the Firehouse. Egon Spengler took some P.K.E. readings and took custody of him. Egon scanned Louis' brainwaves and saw an image of the demonic Terror Dog's head on a screen hooked up to the device. Louis introduced himself as Vinz Clortho and explained his purpose to Egon Spengler and Janine Melnitz. Following Mr. Peck's visit and the resulting explosion, Louis escaped, staggering around amidst the chaos in New York City in search of Zuul, who had possessed Dana Barrett, until finally finding The Gatekeeper in Dana's demolished apartment. They introduced each other as Keymaster and Gatekeeper and proceeded to meet at the center of Dana's ravaged apartment in a passionate embrace, kissing lustfully before heading up to the rooftop. Louis and Dana later consummated their demonic union atop a large stone table in front of the Temple of Gozer, later transforming back into their natural Terror Dog forms. After the Ghostbusters battled Gozer, Louis was released from his possession as the Keymaster and returned to normal. Egon, Ray Stantz and Winston Zeddemore helped Louis get out of the charred remains of Vinz. Louis looked around and guessed the superintendent was going to be pissed. They helped him down. Ray asked him if he was okay. Louis looked at them and asked who they were. Ray answered they were the Ghostbusters. Louis looked at them again then asked who did their taxes. Ray told Louis was a most fortunate individual. Louis agreed. Ray explained he was a participant in the biggest interdimensional crossrip since the Tunguska blast of 1909. Louis commented it "felt great." Egon added they would like to get a sample of his brain tissue. Louis unwittingly agreed to it. Louis came out of the building last, covered in a brown blanket, and waved. He asked if anybody wanted to interview him. He added he was an eyewitness. Two Red Cross employees tried to guide him to their station but Louis calmly protested. He wanted to leave with the Ghostbusters. He pointed. They escorted him away.

Ghostbusters II

At some point between 1984 and 1989, Louis earned a law degree at night school and expanded his specialties as a tax attorney. On occasion, he worked on probate.[1] In late 1989, Louis reluctantly became the defense counsel for the Ghostbusters. He was upfront about getting his law degree at night school. Ray was fine with the arrangement since they got arrested at night. He slammed his head on the books. Louis made his opening remarks. He turned from the bench and addressed the gallery. He thought it was not fair to call his clients frauds. He conceded that the blackout was a big problem for everybody. He revealed he was stuck in an elevator for two hours and had to make the whole time but he did not blame them because he turned into a dog once and they helped him. He thanked the gallery and walked back to his seat. Judge Wexler was bewildered and speechless. Louis sat back down. The guys looked at him. Egon told Louis that was very good. Short but pointless.

After The Prosecutor reminded the court that the defendants were under a judicial restraining order that strictly forbade them from performing services as paranormal investigators or eliminators, Louis got up and followed her to the bench then took his copy and sat back down. Louis examined Peter. It was extremely obvious Peter was feeding Louis his lines. Louis repeated that Peter was just trying to help out a friend, who was scared of what was happening to her. He asked Peter to say it again. Louis continued there was no evil intended. Judge Wexler stared at them. Louis continued if you live in a place you love, you do not want anything bad to happen. The Prosecutor stood up slowly. Louis called it an isolated incident that would not happen again. The Prosecutor objected. Louis wanted to know why. She stated Louis was leading the witness. Wexler approved the objection. Louis told her to give him a break because they were both lawyers. Wexler called Louis over to him. Louis approached the bench. The Prosecutor sat back down. He asked Louis if he had any questions for the witness that might have some bearing on the case. Louis asked Peter. Peter told him no, and they helped them out enough already. Louis told Wexler he had no more questions. Louis walked back to his seat but half turned to the Prosecutor and told was her witness. After Louis sat down, Ray patted his shoulder. Judge Wexler ordered Peter, Ray, and Egon to stand to hear the verdict. He had to tell Louis to stand, too. However, Wexler's negative tirade charged the Psychomagnotheric Slime. Peter, Ray, and Egon gestured and started to lower themselves to hide under the table. Louis nervously followed suit.

Despite only specializing as a lawyer for cases of taxation, he won the case. Louis' victory was indirect, as the Scoleri Brothers appeared in the courtroom, causing everyone to run for their lives. The Scoleri Brothers picked up their defense table and threw it at the judge's bench. Wexler, Peter, Ray, Egon, and Louis ran behind the glass partition to the judge's door. After Nunzio Scoleri flew outside with the Prosecutor, Judge Wexler wailed. Peter informed him he was next. He begged them to do something and help him but Ray deferred him to Louis. Louis pointed out the Ghostbusters were still under a restraining order preventing them from using their equipment. Wexler caved and rescinded all charges against them and dropped the case. Louis cheered over winning the case. Louis was in awe of the Trap upon the Scoleri Brothers' capture. He walked out with the Ghostbusters and held up the Trap. After the Ghostbusters went back in business, Louis was hired by them and joined their staff as personal accountant and tax attorney, even going so far as to appear in one of the TV ads. He once yelled out to them as they left in Ecto-1a and reminded them to only accept certified check, cash or money order. At one point when working in the Ghostbusters' Firehouse, Louis remarked he smelled something pungent, then caught Slimer eating his lunch. This caused both Slimer and Louis to flee in opposite directions.

During the week of New Years Eve, Louis finally struck up the courage to ask Janine out on a date. At the end of the work day, Louis wondered if he should take the subway, the surface roads, or something else. He noted it was kind of busy out. She stated she was walking and bidded him good night. Louis stopped her and awkwardly asked her out to dinner. Janine replied she would love that but she was busy with babysitting Oscar but asked him to come along. Louis was bummed. Janine invited him to babysit with her. He accepted. She told him to meet her at Peter's apartment at 8 pm. Janine walked off. Louis stood in the middle of the crosswalk talking to himself. He told himself he could get Peter's address from the W2 form. A driver called him a dummy and told him to move. Cars honked at him. He stepped out of the way and directed the cars.

While babysitting with Janine at Peter's apartment, the two became closer. Louis held Oscar and finished telling him his version of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, from the point of view of an accountant. He told Oscar the dwarfs had a limited partnership in a small mining operation, and one day a beautiful princess came to live with them, and they bartered housekeeping services for room and board. Louis thought that was a real good deal for them because they would not have to withhold Social Security or income taxes. He clarified that was against the rules but for the purposes of the story, it was okay. Janine made small talk and thought the apartment was a great place but it needed a woman's touch. Louis returned to the living room and gently closed the bedroom door. He reminded her Oscar was sleeping. Janine noticed he was very good with children. Louis thanked her for the compliment and revealed he practiced on his hamster. Janine asked if he lived alone. Janine held a crystal ball between her legs. Louis looked away. Louis revealed he used to have a roommate, but his mom moved to Florida. She invited him to sit next to her. Louis sat on the couch and suggested playing a round of Boggle or Super Mario Bros. but Janine called motherhood a very natural instinct and she would like to have a child herself. She crossed a leg over Louis's then asked him if he did. Louis became nervous. She touched his right ear.They made out on the couch.

Dana returned to the apartment and turned on the lights. Louis jumped off the couch in shock. He knocked over a stand. Janine peeked at Dana. Louis rambled about how they were just baby-sitting, watching television, eating, and one thing led to another. Dana told him it was all right. Louis assured her it he did not know anything was going to happen. Janine got up and adjusted her dress. She asked Dana how her date went. Dana stated it was not date, it was just dinner. Louis asked where Peter was. Dana placed her purse down and informed them Peter was arrested. Janine found that typical. Dana asked if Peter called. Louis told her nobody called. She asked how Oscar was. Janine assured her he was fine and a good baby. He was a little fussy at first, then they just gave him some French bread pizza and he passed right out. Dana was glad and decided to peek in on him. Louis sighed in relief. Dana leaned in on Oscar, who was asleep. Louis wondered if they should leave. Janine was not sure about leaving Dana alone. Louis agreed. They dropped back on the couch together.

Louis, Janine, and Dana watched "The Lady from Shanghai" in Peter's living room. Janine asked if Elsa Bannister was the killer or not. Louis spouted out trivia about Rita Hayworth, the actress, portraying Elsa. Janine fed him some popcorn. Louis wondered why beautiful girls loved horses so much. He asked Janine if she loved horses. Janine replied, "No." Dana's expression and tone implied she wished they would leave. She assured them they did not have to stay and thought Peter would be back soon. Louis told her they did not mind. He asked Dana if she could see okay. Dana felt a draft and went to go check on Oscar but discovered he was on the ledge outside the apartment and yelled for Louis. Dana crawled out onto the ledge and called out to Oscar. Louis came in and popped in his head out the window then yelled out to Janine to call 911 immediately. Dana crawled across the ledge to Oscar. To her horror, Janosz Poha flew down from the sky in a ghost form dressed like an English nanny. Janosz's right arm extended and grabbed Oscar then flew away. Louis was freaked out they just saw a ghost. Dana informed him it was Janosz. Louis wondered what they should do. Dana believed Janosz to the Manhattan Museum of Art and declared she was going to get her baby and rushed off. Louis stated they needed to find the Ghostbusters.

After Dana left to go to the museum, Louis learned the Ghostbusters had been wrongly committed to Parkview Psychiatric Hospital. He went there and, after they were released, briefed them on the surge in paranormal activity as they quickly suited up and walked out. He returned to the Firehouse and with Janine's help, suited up in one of Egon's Uniforms and then left by foot with a Proton Pack on. Underestimating the weight of the equipment, Louis quickly became tired. He told people "Happy New Year" as he ran past them and repeated to himself to "stay fit, keep sharp, make good decisions." He was saved by the timely arrival of a city bus that Slimer had commandeered, patching up their incident earlier. Louis agreed to his offer but was not so sure he had his driving license. Shortly upon his arrival at the museum, Louis starts blasting the Slime Shell covering it as Vigo became weakened from revelers' singing. Upon the defeat of Vigo, the slime shield dissipated, and the crowd hailed Louis as a hero even though he had little to do with the situation. He proudly proclaimed he was "a Ghostbuster." He met the Ghostbusters, Dana, and Oscar mid-way up the stairs then walked back down with them amid cheers from the crowd. He attended the ceremony for the Ghostbusters on Liberty Island.

Secondary Canon History

IDW Comics

Main Canon

For several weeks after the Gozer incident, Dana and Louis retained mild aggressive tendencies and a taste for rare meat.[2] Weeks after the Gozer incident, Rebecca Morales spoke to Louis outside 550 Central Park West. He thought writing a book about the Ghostbusters was a pretty good idea and agreed to talk to her about them. He suggested going out for coffee but she was buying. As a courtesy, he advised her to then keep the receipt and use it as a write-off. Louis met with Rebecca at a diner. The interview turned to Peter. Louis considered him a real straight shooter and revealed they made a deal for free use of the Ghostbusters logo in his yellow pages advertisement in exchange for doing his taxes for the next three years.[3] He rambled on about how the logo gave him the competitive edge only only a few hours of work. At some point, around 1992, Janine and Louis broke up.[4] Louis left New York soon after he and Janine broke up. He left behind his thriving practice and his position with the Ghostbusters and settled in Ocala, Marion County, Florida. Louis was content with making a clean break from the city after a crazy couple of years and even avoided calls from his cousin Sherman Tully.[5] Louis' law degree later influenced Winston to take up studying law, just in case the Ghostbusters went out of business again.

A few years later, Tiamat began to manipulate Louis' dreams with images of fire, dogs, and snakes. He didn't sleep well since the dreams started and was plagued with an overwhelming urge to return to Manhattan. Louis booked a flight to New York City, with a layover in Baltimore. He arrived at LaGuardia International Airport at 7 pm and met with Sherman in Terminal A at baggage claim. Sherman immediately asked him to look into an investment opportunity and inquired why he suddenly uprooted himself. Sherman noticed Louis didn't look well and started up his car. Louis was startled by the Blood Rain. A few days later, Louis was approached by Tiamat, disguised as a blonde woman, in a bar. Louis droned on about learning a musical instrument and Newstime magazine's article about blood born disease. Tiamat had enough and ripped her false face off. Louis passed out and Tiamat whisked him away to Dana's apartment, where he was possessed by Mot. Once the Ghostbusters all gathered at the apartment entrance, the possessed Louis and Dana greeted them and stated Tiamat would see them. Louis returned to normal after the Ghostbusters crossed the streams to defeat Tiamat.

A couple weeks later, Louis agreed to go to the Firehouse for testing to make sure he wasn't still possessed. During the examination, Louis questioned the necessity of the methods being used. He also repeatedly asked Kylie if she was old enough to know about itemizing. Kylie cited he had two heartbeats and his core temperature was off. After consulting with Egon, Kylie asked Dana and Louis to strip their clothes off. Louis refused but seemed open to it if Egon left. Once sprayed with positively charged Psychomagnotheric Slime, the Terror Bird took over and manifested along with Dana. Egon and Kylie extracted Mot from Louis carefully. While Kylie watched the P.K.E. Meter to see when all traces of the possessing frequency were gone, Egon opened his Trap. After Kylie gave the word, Egon closed the trap and checked Louis' pulse. Louis was alive and free of the Terror Bird. Louis and Dana were re-examined and cleared them. Louis was taken into another room and Kylie took readings with a P.K.E. Thermometer.

Kylie took Louis and Dana downstairs to safety while the Ghostbusters tried to deal with the possessed Ray. Winston ordered Kylie to keep watch over Louis and Dana and make sure they didn't transform into anything else. After the Tiamat incident, Louis returned home to Ocala. He considered filing paperwork to expand a branch of the Ghostbusters to Florida but realized he was much happier dealing with just numbers. Louis did some research on settled on a certain brand of microwave. He purchased a refurbished model but soon learned it was possessed. Louis called the Ghostbusters for help dealing with the Possessed Microwave. Ray took the call and advised him to pull the plug. The microwave lost power and reverted to normal. Louis could no longer make nachos like he wanted but he noticed Ray already hung up on him.

Dimension 00-D

See Louis Tully of Dimension 00-D

Ghostbusters: The Video Game Realistic Versions

Louis held onto Egon's coveralls as a memento of his experience during the Vigo incident, and hung up behind his desk in the lobby. He apparently switched the label from Spengler to Tully. In anticipation of the Ghostbusters offering franchising, Louis was tasked to scout locations around the USA, including Chicago, Los Angeles, and Cincinnati. During the start of the Thanksgiving 1991 holiday weekend, during the time when The Rookie was hired, Louis was not at work. He had not been feeling well and left work early, leaving a note on his desk informing the others. If the work piling up on his desk is any indication, Louis was sick for several days, at least.

Secondary Canon (Expanded Universe) History

Ghostbusters: The Video Game Stylized Versions

While at the Natural History Museum, Winston instructed Rookie to take a mental head count for Louis.[6] After Ivo Shandor was defeated, Peter revealed Louis had been scouting locations for new franchises and offered Rookie a choice of Chicago, Los Angeles, or Cincinnati.

Tertiary Canon History

Ghostbusters: Deviations

In an alternate timeline, the Ghostbusters choose not to cross the streams. 31 days later, they agreed to help Gozer shed its Destructor Form and return home. As a compromise, Gozer agreed to half way restore Dana and Louis. Dana was upset but Louis was excited to be able to run so fast with the lower half of his Terror Dog body. They used Tempore Ruga to send it back in time to before Ray chose the form. The timeline corrected itself and Louis agreed to let Egon take a tissue sample of his brain. Roughly an hour later, back at the Firehouse, Louis still demonstrated some of Vinz Clortho's ravenous appetite and scarfed down some Chinese takeout.

Legion Mini Series

After Gozer's defeat, Louis became rich and famous. He made the covers of magazines like Digipocalypse, set off a geek chic fashion trend, became the spokesperson for Keymaster Cologne, and dated models. However, he still desired Dana and even secretly moved into the unit across from Dana in her new apartment. Louis still indulged in financial planning to a degree, and attempted to get the Ghostbusters into investing in a mutual fund. Six months later, Louis sponsored the Fireman's Ball and was its Guest of Honor. Once Michael Draverhaven was defeated, Louis propositioned Peter in his apartment elevator. He offered $1 million to stay away from Dana just so he could get a chance at her. Peter was shocked. Louis raised his offer to $2 million but Peter turned him down and went to see Dana.

Animated Series

Louis appeared in seasons 5 and 6 and was portrayed as wimpy, but a frugal and competent accountant who was focused on keeping the Ghostbusters in the black. Some of the the accountant duties he was seen doing was trying to serenade financiers into investing in the Ghostbuster business, or reminding other Ghostbusters (especially Peter) that they will not get paid unless customers' checks are endorsed. This version of Louis was usually seen wearing a bow tie when doing his accountant job. He often worked with Janine, and also had rudimentary knowledge of the Ghostbusters' tools. When Janine was concerned that the Ghostbusters had been trapped as they all received invitations in the same handwriting, Louis confirmed her suspicions, as he ran Egon's PKE meter and saw high levels of ectoplasm. He suited up as a Ghostbuster and served as backup a few times during his time on the show.

The following is part of the animated canon universe for this character:

Animated Primary Canon

Animated Secondary Canon

To read more about the Animated counterpart character, please check out Louis Tully "Animated".


Louis is the quintessential nerd. While a very good-natured guy, he sports a level of social awkwardness that eclipses even Egon's. He tries to be hip and cool, but never pulls it off (he would work out to exercise videos, but at double speed). He tends to be obsessive compulsive when it comes to matters of taxes. More often than not, conversation with him will eventually steer into tax or monetary matters. He's always willing to help out, sometimes with embarrassing results for him, and he'll always point out an opportunity to a friend where they can save money on something. He's also shown to be pretty good with children, a manner he admitted learning from owning a pet hamster.

Deep down, Louis really wants to break out of his humdrum little existence and be a hero. Even though his assault on the slime shell coating the museum was at best negligible, Louis still put his heart into helping out.

Despite his social handicaps, Louis is apparently a top-notch CPA and tax attorney. Peter even held his skills in high enough esteem that he kept Louis on as the team's personal finance specialist.


Ghostbusters (1984) Trivia

  • In the July 6, 1983 script, Louis Tully was a visiting conventioneer.[7]
  • John Candy was originally going to portray Louis Tully and thus, molded to match his persona. Louis first appeared in the June draft as a fellow refugee of the creature which was to become Peter Venkman's interdimensional love interest. With a diet cola commercial, one creature turns into a beautiful woman while the other turns into a heavy-set man. Joe Medjuck notes Louis would have been similar to Candy's Johnny LaRue character from SCTV. Rick Moranis took on the role and added to the character, even improvising lines during the party scene.[8][9][10][11][12][13]
  • The Louis Tully character written for John Candy had earthier interests.[14]
  • In the September 30, 1983 draft, on page 25, Louis is now introduced as the final version seen in the movies.
  • By the September 30 and October 7, 1983 drafts, the apartment investigation ends on Peter walking past Louis, not noticing him. Louis sees his newspaper on the floor and tries to reach for it but has to abandon his doorway and gets locked out.[15]
  • Louis mentions 20 Minute Workout. It was a Canadian-produced aerobic workout television series that aired from 1983 to 1984 that featured a "a bevy of beautiful girls" demonstrating the various exercise routines.
  • Louis is celebrating his 4th anniversary as an accountant. This means he started out in 1980.
  • Rick Moranis suggested Louis' party right before principal photography started. Ivan Reitman decided to shoot the party as one long take to retain Moranis' comedic flow.[16]
  • In a deleted scene of the first movie, Louis seems to recollect the passionate kiss with Dana which she remembers vaguely, but refuses to entertain it and says, "No, Louis. No," as she walks away with Peter. The other Ghostbusters tell him there are other fish in the sea.
  • In the Ghostbusters role-playing game, Louis is apparently the head of the business end of "Ghostbusters International" the franchise where roleplayers can sign up for. He is known to send player characters memos regarding the state of the franchise. He also prefers to be called "Lou."
  • Louis's glasses were auctioned off at a 1988 fundraiser in Toronto to benefit the Special Olympics.[17]

Ghostbusters II Trivia

  • In the Ghostbusters II August 5, 1988 draft:
    • Louis agrees to be represent Peter, Ray, and Egon at their trial to pay them back for saving him in the first movie.[18]
    • One of Louis' tasks while working for the Ghostbusters is payroll.[19]
    • Louis reveals his Social Security Number is 450-27-2149.[20]
    • Louis owns computer Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune on a floppy disc.[21]
  • In the Ghostbusters II August 5, 1988 draft, Louis was the sole babysitter.[22]
    • Louis poses as Lane Walker twice in two of the Ghostbusters' plans.[23][24]
  • In the September 29, 1988 draft:
    • On page 31, The Judge asks counsel if he will make an opening statement. Peter tells Louis that's him. Louis begins but the Judge tells him he's not addressing a jury, just some people waiting for their cases. Louis thinks they are early and his case could take awhile. The Judge agrees at the rate Louis is going.
    • On page 32, Louis moves for a postponement so he has more time to prepare. He is denied.
    • On page 36, Louis approaches the bench and asks the Judge for some of his water. For his closing argument, Louis tells his story about being stuck in an elevator during the blackout and how he turned into a dog once and the Ghostbusters helped him.
    • On page 37, Peter tells Louis his closing was short but sweet. The Judge tells him that was the worst presentation of a case then rules them all guilty. He thinks he ought to cite Louis for contempt and have him disbarred.
    • On page 36, a nameless man and woman play the husband and wife in the commercial.
    • On page 50, Louis slides down a pole after the guys. He tells them because he refiled as a New York Corporation, he needs their Social Security numbers for their W-2 forms. Winston tells him his is 322-36-7366. Louis notes his is 450-27-2149 then mentions he has Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune games on one floppy disc.
    • On page 64-66, Louis pretends to be a Ghostbuster upstairs while Janine prepares to close up for the day. Janine surprises him and he almost blasts her. He notes he celebrates New Years on March 1st to avoid the crowds and big rush. Louis asks her if she's ever been to Tad's and recalls a steak, bakes potato, roll, and salad with choice of dressing all for $5.29.
    • On page 73, Peter is okay with Louis helping babysit and tells him he doesn't want to come home and find them humping on his couch.
    • On page 74, Janine watches TV while Louis paces around with a crying Oscar and a bottle of milk. Louis tells a slightly longer version of his take on the Seven Dwarfs ending on them not filing state and federal income taxes which he admits he's not saying is right but they could've gotten into a lot of trouble. He realizes Oscar is asleep and elects to finish his story later.
  • In the November 27, 1988 and February 27, 1989 drafts:
    • On page 40, Louis realizes the whole city is against them and gets nauseous. Egon hands him a waste basket.
    • On page 41, Louis rephrases himself after the Prosecutor's objection. He notes Peter coached a basketball team for underprivileged children. Peter adds they were city champs. The Prosecutor counters that is irrelevant and immaterial.
    • On page 44, Judge Wexler asks Louis if he has any final arguments. Louis approaches the bench and asks him for some of his water.
    • On page 45, for his closing argument, Louis tells his story about being stuck in an elevator during the blackout. Egon tells Louis he was concise and to the point. The Judge tells him that was the worst presentation of a case then rules them all guilty.
    • On page 49, Janine tells Louis her Social Security number is 129-45-8986. Louis tells her his is 322-36-7366. Janine notes according to numerology, he is a person with a great appetite for life and has a deeply passionate nature.
    • On page 50, Peter asks Louis about the bank loan. Louis reports the bank hung up on him.
    • On page 84, Louis pretends to be a Ghostbuster but Janine surprises him and he almost blasts her. He notes he celebrates New Years on March 1st to avoid the crowds and big rush.
    • On page 85, Louis asks her if she's ever been to Tad's and recalls a steak, bakes potato, roll, and salad with choice of dressing all for $5.29.
    • On page 103, Dana is alone when Oscar is kidnapped by Janosz.
    • On page 107 to 108, Louis waits in the Bellevue lobby for the Ghostbusters. Louis tells Peter he had a tough time getting them released. Peter is shocked it was hard convincing them they're not crazy. Louis admits he just convinced them they're not dangerous. Louis then goes on about filling Ecto-2 with Super Unleaded for a better performance and they can either reimburse him or he can take it out of petty cash. They drive off. Louis says he'll meet them there.
  • In the February 27, 1989 draft:
    • On page 50-51, the full commercial is shown. Louis coming out the door after the Ectomobile and meeting Slimer is one scene.
    • On page 53, Louis sets a chicken on a string trap for Slimer.
    • On page 75-76, Louis uses a Proton Pack to try and catch Slimer but he almost blasts Janine in the office area. He claims the guys asked him to help get rid of Slimer and he'll be a Ghostbuster in case one of them gets sick or hurt. He notes he celebrates New Years on March 1st to avoid the crowds and big rush.
    • On page 101 to 104, the Ghostbusters are in the Parkview Psychiatric Hospital lounge area while Louis pleads with his cousin Sherman Tully to help free the Ghostbusters but Sherman insists he's just a dermatologist at Parkview and can't. Louis reminds him he got him out of that bad tax shelter. Sherman remembers Louis got him in that bad tax shelter. Louis recalls he set him up with Diane Troxler. Sherman remembered that didn't pan out and he ended up giving Troxler free dermatology for a year.
    • On page 107, Sherman Tully reminds Louis he was promised a ride in the car for helping get the Ghostbusters released. Sherman starts a story about seeing his grandfather at the foot of his bed but the Ghostbusters drive away from Parkview leaving Louis and Sherman. Louis claims he lets them handle the little stuff.
  • During the opening statement of the Ghostbusters' trial, Louis mentions when he was possessed by and transformed into a Terror Dog during the events of the first movie.
  • Elements of the commercial in Ghostbusters II originated in the commercial in pages 17-18 in the October 7, 1983 draft of the first movie. It featured a frightened family. One of the mother's lines, "It's that darn ghost again," is spoken by Janine. One of the father's lines, "I guess we'll just have to move," is spoken by Louis. Read excerpt here.
  • A copy of the 1985 "Nostradamus Into the Millennium" by Erika Cheetham and Glamour magazine March 1989 issue are on Louis' desk when he first meets Slimer.
  • A Fritos Original Corn Chips bag was in Louis's lunchbox.
  • In the Deleted Scene: Louis Sets A Trap For Slimer, Louis tries to lure Slimer over a Trap with chicken but fails to catch him and breaks part of the Firehouse's second floor ceiliing.
  • In the Deleted Scene: Louis' Secret:
    • Louis mentions the SAT, a standardized test widely used for college admissions in the United States of America.
    • Louis notes pepperoni and pineapple is his favorite pizza toppings.
  • Louis owns or at least at one point in the past owned a pet hamster, even reading it bedtime stories as practice for taking care of children one day.
  • Louis told Oscar his own version of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, retold to include financial and tax matters.
  • When once asked if he lived alone, he replied his mother was his roommate. Until she moved to Florida.[25]
  • Louis knows about Orson Welles and Rita Hayworth.
  • Thom Enriquez storyboarded an early version of the scene when Oscar is kidnapped. It involved Slimer trying to warn Louis that Oscar was on the ledge but he was trying to make out with Janine. Louis looks over her shoulder and sees Slimer making a bunch of gestures. Peter and Dana return home and see the baby was missing. They look out the window and see the baby on the ledge with a monster. Peter goes onto the ledge and grabs the baby. Dana hands him a baseball bat and he swings at the monster.[26]
  • The interiors of the Ghostbusters and Louis leaving Parkview were shot at a side door service entrance at the Biltmore Hotel.[27]
  • In the February 27, 1989 draft of Ghostbusters II, the deleted scene, Louis' Cousin, Sherman Tully, and subsequent adaptations of Ghostbusters II, Louis went to his cousin Sherman Tully at Parkview to get the Ghostbusters released.
  • Louis wears one of Egon's flightsuits at the end of Ghostbusters II.
  • The intersection of East 77th and First Avenue, where the end of the carriage chase in Chapter 1: Start was filmed, is two blocks from this intersection where Louis' bus stop scene was filmed.[28]
  • In the deleted scene Louis and Slimer Get Off Bus, Louis admits he has friends who stink so Slimer isn't so bad.

Post Ghostbusters II Trivia

  • Contrary to some reports, Rick Moranis is not retired from acting. He is, however, extremely selective about what projects he chooses to become involved with. He would prefer to spend time with his family rather than take jobs that will require a large time or travel commitment, or jobs that do not inspire significant passion in him for the work.

Ghostbusters: The Video Game Trivia

  • In the 10/8/2007 draft of Ghostbusters: The Video Game, Louis would have appeared in three cut-scenes.
    • At the start of the game, in the lab area, Ray calls Louis away from his desk to try on a device made from a spaghetti strainer connected to an elaborate series of wires and electrodes set to 50% to keep burning or tissue damage to a minimum. They change their minds and decide to use the Rookie instead. Louis, unfazed, goes back to his desk. After the Psi Energy Pulse passes through the Firehouse and the guys muse there will be a spike in paranormal activity, Louis agrees it will be good for business. Janine and Louis later watch the Ghostbusters leave for the Sedgewick Hotel in pursuit of Slimer.[29]
    • As the Ghostbusters prepare to return to the Sedgewick Hotel, Louis asks if warranty cards should be filled out.[30]
    • As the Ghostbusters are about to shut down their Containment Unit to fight ghost army with ghost army, Louis worries this will expose them to all kinds of liability.[31]
  • Rick Moranis came around towards the end of production of The Video Game and was okay with being involved with the game. It so happened that his head was modeled and ready to go but there wasn't any manpower left to rig him in animation because everyone was working on finishing the cinematics.[32]
    • There was an idea of putting Louis in a fully body cast
    • There was an idea of making the area where the Ghostbusters II No Ghost sign, miniature satellite dish, and Ecto-1a doors are stored Louis' office and just have Louis stick his hand out and play some recorded lines.
    • This is all likely why Tully was written out of the story as sick in Realistic Versions of The Video Game and out scouting locations for franchises in the Stylized Versions.

IDW Comics Trivia

  • In Ghostbusters Volume 2 Issue #4, when Ron Alexander sarcastically asks if there's a talking dog, Ray refers to Louis, who was possessed by Vinz Clortho.
  • In Ghostbusters Volume 2 Issue #6, Egon Spengler and Roger Baugh enter a memory from New Year's Eve 1989 when Janine and Louis fooled around in Peter's apartment.
  • In Ghostbusters Volume 2 Issue #11, page 5, Louis' business card is pinned up behind Ray in Ray's Occult Books.
  • In Ghostbusters Volume 2 Issue #12, page seven, on the bottom part of Egon's board, there is handwriting that reads 'Tully Florida'
  • On the Ghostbusters: Get Real Issue #2 Subscription Cover, Louis appears under 'Hapless Bystanders'
  • On page 37 of Ghostbusters Annual 2015, Louis is in his blue track suit from the first movie
  • On page 13 of Ghostbusters International #1, in panel 4, the note on the computer references Louis Tully.
  • In Ghostbusters International #2, on page 5, in panel 2, the frames on the wall have scenes from the movies such as Louis Tully as a Ghostbuster in Ghostbusters II.
  • On the Retailer Exclusive Cover of Ghostbusters: Funko Universe, Louis Tully wears the Aura Video-Analyzer colander.
  • On the Subscription Cover of Ghostbusters 101 #5, below Kevin Beckman, Erin Gilbert, Abby Yates, and Peck is Louis Tully.
  • On page 1 of Ghostbusters: Interdimensional Cross-Rip, Louis is referenced on the Post-It Note.
  • On August 2, 2018, Tom Waltz posted Crossing Over Virtual Trading Card #48, Louis Tully of Dimension 00-D.[33]
  • On page one of Ghostbusters Year One Issue #1, Louis' outfit is visually inspired by an outfit worn by Rick Moranis' character Billy Fish in the movie "Streets of Fire" which released on June 1, 1984, a week before Ghostbusters came out in theaters.
    • In panel 2, there is a Cosmopolitan: Tonetics Beginners Workout VHS video tape in Louis' box, a nod to his 10 minute work out line he tells Dana about in Chapter 6: Spook Central.
  • On page 1 of Ghostbusters Year One Issue #3:
    • Louis is wearing his blue track suit from Ghostbusters Chapter 6: Spook Central.
    • Next to Louis is a bottle of mineral water modeled after Perrier. In Chapter 6: Spook Central, Louis offered Dana some mineral water and in Chapter 17: "Who Brought The Dog?", bottles can be seen around the party.
  • On page 6 of Ghostbusters Year One Issue #3, Peter alludes to Louis Tully and when Vinz Clortho chased him to the Tavern on the Green in Chapter 18: Terror on the Tavern.
  • On cover B of Ghostbusters Year One Issue #4, the blue bottle and contents are a nod to Egon asking Louis Tully for a sample of his brain in Chapter 28: Crossing Streams. The label of the blue bottle lists Louis's date of birth as 4/18/53, the same as Rick Moranis.


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