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Louis Tully was hired by the Ghostbusters before the Doctor McCatheter incident. He was employed by the Ghostbusters and worked as their Accountant[1] and Tax Attorney, occasionally taking up a Proton Pack.


Primary Canon History

The Real Ghostbusters

As a financial specialist, Louis is known to be particularly frugal. Louis once stated he had an aversion to health food. But he did pick some up because "The price was right" (if it was free).[2] He does look up to the Ghostbusters and always tries to be worthy of their respect. He also likes kids and tries to be a good Uncle to his nephew, Lawrence Tully. Louis' frugality was used against him when he accepted free New Spirit Chips from McCatheter, which led to the Ghostbusters developing an allergy to ghosts. During the incident, Louis donned a Proton Pack and helped trap McCatheter.

Louis tried to prevent the Ghostbusters business from going bankrupt by giving a tour to willing investors, who unfortunately refuse to donate money to the Ghostbusters after a ten-year-old Egon Spengler throws water balloons at them.[3] Louis and Janine were abducted by Poso on Janine's birthday and the Ghostbusters rescued them with the help of another ghost. When the Ghostbusters were kidnapped by ghosts that consider their business a serious crime, Louis, Slimer, and Janine entered the Ghost World and rescued them. During a TV Special, Louis tried to help out by pretending to be the ghost of Al Capone. During a Halloween holiday, Louis asked Dr. Crowley what he was against other than Halloween. Later, he is seen along with Slimer and Janine trying to prevent Boogaloo's minions from opening the Containment Unit.

Louis once ended up placed in the mirror world with Slimer by Slimer's evil lookalike. During a charity race, he and Janine had to save Slimer and the Ghostbusters when they got sent to the ghost world. They succeed in rescuing them and preventing The Phantom from crossing over into the physical plane again. He was more concerned with returning the Ghostbusters' rented outfits before 5 pm and get the deposit back.[4] Louis played a big part in the rescue his nephew Lawrence when he was abducted and tricked by the demon Lothgar.

Extreme Ghostbusters

Louis Tully never appeared nor was mention in Extreme Ghostbusters, making him the only person who was part of the Ghostbusters to never once be referenced.

Secondary Canon History

NOW Comics

Louis' tryst with Janine was never touched upon in the animated continuity, although Egon did make a barbed comment about it to her in the NOW comic book series.[5] However. Janine was quick to tell Egon that Louis was sweet but harmless, implying that any relationship with him was ephemeral at best.[6]

In his one NOW comics appearance, it seems Louis comes by to keep Janine company while Egon and the boys are out of town on a mission. He's apparently not allowed to drive Ecto-1. It is also notable that while he had brown hair in the animated series, his hair was black in the comic book.

The Real Ghostbusters Magazine

Louis made a few appearances in The Real Ghostbusters Magazine. In the Spring 1990 magazine, he is revealed to have an uncle named Elwell who works on a farm.[7] He also wears two different jumpsuits: One colored gray with a red trim, the other colored purple with a yellow trim.


The Real Ghostbusters version of Louis, like the movies, is a nebbish. Every so often, he tries to save the day during the few episodes he's in, but never really gets the chance to pull it off. Louis on a few occasions has introduced himself as a "Tax Attorney,"[8] one of the few references to "Ghostbusters II" ever mentioned in the cartoon. He always carries business cards with him he will hand out when introducing himself.

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  • In "Something's Going Around," Louis is first shown to be frugal.
    • This tied in with Louis' portrayal in the first movie when he recommended cheaper pain reliever and wrote off his party as a business expense.
  • In another similarity to his movie counterpart, deep down Louis really wants to be a hero and do good.
  • Louis mentions his mother in "Three Men and an Egon".[9][10]
  • Louis did taxes for Peter at least once.[11]
  • Louis hates beets.[12]
  • At high speeds, Louis gets carsick.[13][14]
  • Lawrence Tully is Louis' spoiled rotten nephew.[15] Like his uncle, Lawrence wears over sized glasses and a bow tie. Lawrence Tully even shares some facial features with his uncle. This also implies Louis has a brother, who probably dresses the same.
  • Louis also has three action figures in the post-Ghostbusters II "Real Ghostbusters" toyline by Kenner. One has a mini-mech unit, a second had a "Slime" gimmick that appeared when dipped in water, and the third and final had a glow-in-the dark outfit and matching gear. As in the comic book, Louis' hair was black. All three figures featured an ill-fitting jumpsuit, though Louis only wore a jumpsuit in "Jailbusters" and "Something's Going Around".
  • On the subscription cover of Ghostbusters Volume 2 Issue #15, Louis makes a non-canon cameo.


Primary Canon

Since he wasn't used much past Season 5, it is fine to list were he appears

The Real Ghostbusters

Secondary Canon

NOW Comics

Real Ghostbusters Starring in Ghostbusters II

The Real Ghostbusters Magazine


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Secondary Canon

NOW Comics images provided by Ectocontainment (Fan Site) and NOW Comics Deleted pages images provided by Alex Newborn (Original Source: James Van Hise).

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