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Lucky Domingo[1][2] is a friend of Trevor's and she works at Spinners Roller Hop in Summerville.


One night in summer 2021, while working the evening shift at Spinners Roller Hop, Lucky took an order from an older man wearing a cowboy hat then rolled inside. Trevor noticed her in the parking lot and followed her inside. Lucky told the cooks, Rufus and Zahk, there was an order for two taters and three spinners, all grilled but one with no cheese. Rufus turned around and told her there was something about the meat. Zahk told her he did not feel so good. Rufus pretended to barf raw meat. She was not amused by their antics. Trevor quickly filled out a job application and tried to make small talk with her. Things became awkward. She was about to leave but Trevor presented the application to her. She skimmed it and noticed under experience, he wrote "friendly open smiley face." He admitted he didn't really know what to put. She mused "friendly" did not qualify as experience. Trevor guessed it was a more of a quality. She laughed, slid the application back to him, rolled to the counter to grab a finished order, and asked him how old he was. Trevor told her he was seventeen and asked if she could put in a good word for him. Lucky replied she could tell the bosses he had a pulse. Trevor told her his name as she rolled outside. After Trevor exited the restaurant, another of the teenage workers referred him as Cassanova. All the teenagers giggled. Lucky punched the teen in the arm.

The next day, Lucky eventually went to check on Trevor in the freezer. He admitted things were not going good at all and asked if everyone had to do inventory for the frozen meat patties. Lucky assured him everyone did and it was super important. She noticed his lips were literally blue and asked if he was okay. Trevor claimed he was fine. Lucky insisted on lending him her hoodie. She even pointed out it had a wolf on it so it was really masculine. Trevor accepted it and she helped put it on him. He was kind of surprised it fit. Lucky joked it was her boyfriend's and Trevor quickly removed it. She told him to get back to inventory.

The next day at Spinners, Trevor crouched down and lifted up a black mat with gloves on. Lucky crouched down near the doorway and commented on how dirty it was. Trevor asked if any of it had been cleaned before. Lucky told him she never did then informed him a bunch of them were heading up the mountain. He stood up. She asked if he was coming. Trevor hopped into the back of a Ford Ranchero. They drove to the top of a mountain on the Shandor Mining Company property and circled by the top of a mine elevator. Trevor and Lucky sat on the mine elevator. Trevor asked why she brought him along. Lucky named her reasons as entertainment value and asked him if he could juggle. Trevor was startled by a loud noise set off by the others. Lucky asked what he was doing in Summerville. Trevor contemplated his answer briefly then fessed up his family was broke, got evicted, and the only thing left in their name was the creepy farmhouse his grandfather left them in the middle of nowhere. She nodded. He added he meant to no offense. She told him she was not offended and confirmed Summerville was a dump. He asked why she lived in Summerville if she thought it was a dump. She dryly called herself "fourth generation dump." Trevor asked if she thought she would ever leave. Lucky knew she would not and asked what that said about her. Trevor joked it meant she did not own a car. She laughed but he elevator suddenly shook. They jumped off the elevator and looked down the shaft. There was a groan. The other teens noticed. They all gathered around. A spectral face briefly formed far down the shaft and spoke the word "Gozer." An orange P.K.E. wisp shot up out of the shaft. There was silence then they all started laughing.

The next night, Lucky waited for her father, Sheriff Domingo, to finish his shift so she could get a ride home. She slept in one of the jail cells. Trevor, Phoebe, and Podcast were arrested and held in the other jail cell. Lucky went unnoticed while Trevor talked to Podcast and Phoebe about what happened to him the day before at the top of the mountain. Lucky stood up from the cot and confirmed Trevor was speaking the truth. Trevor turned around and made small talk. Lucky asked him for help with hiding something for her. He immediately agreed to. Lucky asked him if had any priors. Trevor told her he had none. Lucky explained he would only be charged as a minor and get a minimum sentence of two years. Trevor heard her say two. Lucky promised to visit him. Sheriff Domingo heard everything and told Lucky to quit messing with his inmates. She apologized to her father. Trevor realized the sheriff was her father and she was kidding around. She stepped out of her cell, closed the door, and told Trevor he looked good behind bars. Lucky went into the sheriff's office. She looked on as Phoebe made a scene. Trevor acknowledged Lucky and mused he would see her at work. Lucky nodded and told him she would see him.

The next day, a meeting was held inside Spinners. Podcast, Phoebe, Trevor, and Lucky occupied one of the booths. Gary Grooberson's seismic map was unrolled over the table. Phoebe stated something was happening inside the old mine owned by the Shandor Mining Company. Trevor thought that was pretty obvious. Phoebe explained Gozer was a Sumerian god who once walked amongst the living. Podcast added it was a "soul-eating, flame-dripping deity of evil" and he speculated it wanted to return. Lucky was surprised of all places, it was coming to Summerville. Phoebe asked Lucky what the name "Ivo Shandor" meant to the town. Lucky revealed he built Summerville, the mine, the foundry, the school, and the library, hence his name was on everything. Trevor found that last bit tacky. Phoebe continued and talked about how Shandor created an apartment building in New York City made out of selenium girders, mined from Summerville and it was same rooftop of that apartment where their grandfather fought to keep a horde of ghosts from entering the physical plane. Trevor got to the point and asked her what exactly was happening. Phoebe hinted there was only one way to find out. They went to the old Shandor mine and rode the mine elevator down the shaft. To break the silence and tension, Phoebe told one of her jokes. She asked what a cigarette and hamster had in common. Lucky had no clue and asked what it was. Phoebe replied they were both harmless until you stick one in your mouth and light it on fire. Podcast snorted and Lucky refrained from laughing and looked away. Trevor commented it was the worst time. Once the elevator landed, Trevor pushed up the side then Lucky helped. Trevor shined his light on the Gozer statue. He asked if that was her. Phoebe informed him that Gozer had no gender. Lucky found that pretty woke for 3000 BC.

Trevor warned everyone to watch their steps. He came upon a big hole in the ground. They all looked down it. Podcast believed it was a sacrificial death pit. Phoebe wondered what they were sacrificing. Lucky guessed it was virgins. She teased Trevor and noting tough luck for him. Phoebe recalled that statistically, most 15-year-olds were virgins. Trevor panicked. Lucky realized he was 15 and lied to her about his age when they first met. He tried to defuse things and told her he would be 16 in February. She pointed out it was June. He quickly changed the subject and asked what all those holes in the wall were. They all looked. Phoebe joked they were "vacancies." Lucky wondered where all the bodies were. Podcast announced he found one. They others joined him at the lone glass tomb. There was an elder man in a purple suit wearing a twin red sash. Trevor was shocked and asked if he was sleeping. Lucky pointed out it was a coffin. Podcast saw the name plate and realized the man in the tomb was the late Ivo Shandor. Lucky admitted he looked fantastic for a dead 90 year old. Podcast recalled when someone died, their fingernails kept growing. Lucky quickly called that false and stated only their skin shrunk.

Phoebe believed Shandor knew Gozer was coming. They looked up at her. She found a series of numerical inscriptions of years, including 1821, 1823, 1883, 1908, 1945, 1984, 2021, and 2134. Lucky saw 1945 and begged the question of what did not happen that year. Phoebe saw 1984 and quickly matched it to the Manhattan Crossrip. She likened it to a countdown. Podcast deduced it was like a prophecy. A spectral horde was rising up the pit. Four Proton Cannons activated, crossed streams, and blasted the horde. The mine rumbled. Phoebe realized this was the cause of Summerville's earthquakes. Trevor pulled Phoebe away as she fixated on a figure saying her name. Phoebe and Trevor stood up Lucky ran over. Lucky asked Trevor if he was okay and brushed the dirt off him. Trevor told her he was fine and asked her the same question. Phoebe walked between them and killed the moment. Trevor asked Phoebe what was wrong. She studied one of the Proton Cannons and declared Egon was right all along. She surmised he built the Proton Cannon array and stood guard, even when no one believed him, sacrificing everything: his life, his friends, and his family. There was a silence. Podcast thought that was a bummer. Trevor and Lucky looked down at him in dismay. Phoebe stated they needed to tell Callie what they discovered. However, they soon discovered Callie was already possessed by Zuul, one of Gozer's minions. Lucky had enough and asked what the hell was going on. Phoebe realized the farm was really a trap.

Phoebe took them down to the underground laboratory. They each grabbed a flightsuit out of a locker Trevor sneaked a look at Lucky's black bra as she changed. Lucky saw and asked, "What?" Trevor turned around and zipped up then replied "Nothing." Phoebe presided over a model of the Farmhouse property. It lit up. She stated it was what Egon was working on all those years. Trevor thought she was talking about the model. Lucky admitted the detail was amazing. Phoebe clarified Egon came to finish what the original Ghostbusters started. Lucky deduced she was alluding to trapping Gozer. Trevor realized that was what the dirt field was for. Phoebe confirmed they were correct and pointed out the big silos acted as a capacitor, holding a charge for one moment tut in that one moment, they could power hundreds of Traps. Lucky asked the big question, how were they going to get Gozer into the field. Phoebe steered the conversation to Zuul and Vinz Clortho and explained Gozer needed both of them to exist on their plane. Podcast elaborated they both had to possess a human soul each. Trevor caught on that Zuul possessed Callie. Phoebe revealed they would then "unite formally." Trevor was not catching on, nor Lucky. Podcast shared they were thinking at least third base. Lucky cheered on Callie.

The children ran into the empty sheriff's office. Lucky hopped over the counter and checked the radio. She and Trevor ran down a corridor and found Ecto-1 up on a lift. Phoebe pushed the equipment on a cart to the rear of Ecto-1. Lucky got into a squad car. Trevor, from Ecto-1, asked her if she was ready. Lucky teased she would be waiting. Lucky turned left. Trevor turned right and headed to Shandor Mining. Trevor, Phoebe, and Podcast returned to the Farmhouse with Callie and a Trap holding Zuul. Gozer, in a disembodied form, and Vinz Clortho followed them there. Phoebe held out the Trap. She told Callie to pull the lever. Callie looked around, saw it, and pulled it. The capacitors surged on. Gozer turned and looked at the capacitor silos. The Traps buried in the field hummed. Lucky kicked the front door open with the Proton Pack on. She fired and wrangled Gozer. Trevor came out of Ecto-1 on the gunner seat but his thrower failed to fire because Mini-Pufts sabotaged the gunner seat pack.

Gozer grabbed the Proton Stream and wrapped it around its right arm several times. Phoebe ordered Callie to hit the pedal. Callie stomped the pedal. The red lights on hundreds of buried Traps turned on but the capacitors went offline. Gozer tugged the stream and Lucky went flying forward. Phoebe and Callie ran to Lucky. Vinz blocked Phoebe from Lucky and the pack. Gozer ripped the Trap in two. Lucky was possessed by Zuul and transmogrified into a Terror Dog. After Gozer, Zuul, Vinz, many ghost wisps, and the Psychokinetic Atmospheric Influence were trapped, the Terror Dogs were reduced to husks. Trevor pulled one head off and found Gary Grooberson first. One of Lucky's hands emerged from the other husk. Trevor ran over and tried to pull the husk apart. Lucky emerged. Trevor told her he thought he lost her. He helped her up. Trevor and Lucky slowly approached Egon's ghost. Lucky pushed him forward. Trevor greeted Egon. Egon placed his left hand on Trevor's right shoulder. They turned to Phoebe. Egon knelt down and parted her hair. She teared up. Egon turned to Callie. He stood up. She walked over. They looked at each other. Callie ran up and hugged him. He was relieved and hugged her back. Trevor placed his left hand on Phoebe's left shoulder. Lucky placed her left hand on Trevor's right shoulder. Egon peacefully dispersed upwards. They all looked up into the sky.


Lucky is a witty teenager. She does not like being the subject of immature pranks but likes to joke at the expense of others.

Behind The Scenes

On March 12, 2019, it was reported Jenna Ortega was "high on the list" of actresses set to join the cast. Ortega was said to be in the running for "TEEN GIRL (Female/17/Lead) – Works at a local American Graffiti style carhop on roller skates. She's cool and quick witted. She meets TEEN BOY and begins a flirtation that turns into a real friendship." Finn Wolfhard's role would be "TEEN BOY (Male/15/Lead) – He is fifteen, but tells people he's seventeen. He's passionate about auto-mechanics. he's often trying to help his little sister (GIRL) navigate the world as she struggles with traditional friendships. His family moves to town and he's immediately smitten with TEEN GIRL."[3]

On July 8, 2019, it was announced Celeste O'Connor signed onto the cast.[4]

On March 28, 2021, Lucky's name was first revealed on Amazon U.K. when Lucky's Hasbro Plasma Series figure's pre-order page was prematurely posted. It read, "LUCKY: Lucky works at the local drive-in diner and isn't afraid to stir up a little trouble."

On June 8, 2021, during Ghostbusters Day festivities, the name of Celeste O'Connor's character was officially revealed to be Lucky.[5] O'Connor revealed Lucky always wanted to leave her home town then meets the new kid at the diner she works at, Trevor, then she gets involved in his story and finds her courage and determination and adventure she's always been looking for.[6] A still of Lucky talking to Trevor while she was working at Spinners Roller Hop was posted.[7]


  • "Baby It's You" plays in the scene where the family goes to the Spinners and Trevor sees Lucky for the first time.
  • "All Your Love (I Miss Loving)" plays when Trevor is filling out the job application.
  • Lucky gives Trevor a hoodie with a wolf on the back. Trevor is played by Finn Wolfhard.
  • Lucky's family has lived in Summerville for four generations.[8]
  • While down in the mine, Lucky notes it is currently June.
  • One of Lucky's hands emerges first from the Zuul husk similar to the end of the first movie, Chapter 28: Crossing Streams, with Dana Barrett.



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