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Lunk is a Basher type of ghost in Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed.

Entry Bio[]

Lunk is the kind of Ghost that prefers working with their hands. Provided that work includes smashing anything and everything within their reach.


Ghost Type[]

Lunk is a type of Basher, a ghost that not is subtle with tormenting the living. They are built to destroy everything they can.

Special Attributes[]

  • Scare destroyed objects burst with P.K.E. (scares/slimes nearby victims)
  • Slower to tether
  • Shorter stun duration
  • Increased object and trap damage
  • More powerful buster knockbacks
  • Slower rift detonation
  • Tougher Trap minigame

Ultimate Ability[]

  • Windmill
    • Bashers are destruction incarnate and their Ultimate Ability, the Windmill, is a showcase of that purpose. Sent into an unrelenting frenzy, they extend their arms, flailing, swiping, and clobbering forward for several moments. Anyone caught within this turbulence will be knocked back and covered in their fair share of slime, indeed.

Unique Ability[]

  • Fist Slam
    • The Fist Slam is fairly straight-forward. Just the way the Lunk prefers it. After winding up they extend their massive paws, crashing them to the ground with a gruesome impact. Anyone caught within range will be tossed into the air and even covered in slime.


Patch 1.3.0 Updates[]

  • Updated visual effects for the following Basher abilities: Fist Slam, Windmill, and Spectral Barrage.[2]

Patch 1.6.1 Updates[]

  • Fixed a situation where Basher type Ghosts could not be captured by the R.T.V.[3]

Patch 1.7.0 Updates[]

  • Reduced Fist Slam's windup time.[4]
  • Reduced Fist Slam's cooldown.

Patch 1.7.1 Updates[]

  • Fixed an issue where Bashers could sometimes softlock Busters while sabotaging their packs.[5]

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