The Mad Prophet is an eccentric New Yorker that preaches the end of the world is coming soon.


During an apocalypse-level event triggered by Jeremy, the Ghostbusters and Cindy encountered the Mad Prophet as they walked past the ABC Theater. They heard him saying the end was near and it was time to repent. The Prophet caught up to them asked if they heard the end was near and there was no use arguing about the validity of it. He hinted at the chance he might be able to work out a reprieve if they gave him $5. Peter Venkman acknowledged he was right about it being the end. The Prophet was surprised and became worried the world really was coming to end. Peter nodded and waved goodbye then the Ghostbusters and Cindy continued on. The Prophet was bummed and figured he had to go look for a new line of work.


The Mad Prophet dresses in a white robe, wears Ray Ban glasses and peace sign necklace, and has a yellow smiley face pin on his right chest. He carries around a sign with the No logo.



The Real Ghostbusters


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