The Magellan [1] is a research vessel used on an expedition to find the Lost City of Krobos.


François Rousseau used the Magellan for his expedition to find the Lost City of Krobos. While out on the Atlantic Ocean, the Magellan encountered rough seas due to an incoming storm. A crewman on board, Danny recalled the Echo Starburst submersible and postponed the search. After retrieving the submersible, Danny saw its pilot Michelle was reduced to a dried corpse. The Dry Spell Spirit hid aboard the ship and dessicated every member of the crew. A tug boat responded to the Magellan's distress call and towed it back to the Maritime Research Center. The ship was quarantined due to the belief there was a viral outbreak. The Extreme Ghostbusters and Rousseau explored the ship. They found the ghost in a maintenance closet and pursued it to the flooded Engine Room. After trapping it, the crew returned to normal.


  • The Magellan was scripted to loosely resemble Jacques Cousteau's Calypso.


Extreme Ghostbusters


  1. Dry Spell storyboard Magellan reference



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