Magic Spells is a book of spells used by Alan Favish to make Ray Stantz look bad in front of the residents of Morrisville.[1]


Through unknown means, Alan Favish acquired "Magic Spells." He did so due to his petty jealousy over Ray Stantz' rising fame as a Ghostbuster. When Ray arrived to serve as grand marshal in the latest Winged Puma Parade, Favish sneaked back to his shoe store and entered the stock room where he kept the book of spells hidden on the top shelf. Favish recited a spell to surround the Pallo Mansion ghosts with Negative Energy.[2] Once he was satisfied with Ray's level of humiliation, Favish recalled the energy from the two entities. However, the energy simply went underneath Morrisville.

The build up of energy awakened the slumbering Winged Puma. It wreaked havoc on Morrisville. Luckily, Ray and Elaine Phermon discovered the book and ran off to warn everyone. Favish grabbed the book and attempted to defeat the Puma. The Winged Puma instantly reacted and set the book on fire then chased after Favish.


The Real Ghostbusters


  • All the spells Alan Favish casts are in Pig Latin; ex; Ell-spa egon-bay!
  • The cover of Alan Favish's Magic Spells tome features a pentagram, the shape of a five-pointed star with long-standing occult associations.
  • On page 10 of Ghostbusters Volume 2 Issue #4, Magic Spells makes a non-canon cameo in the room.


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