Maiikrob[1] was a ghostly whale-hunter who was obsessed with hunting down and destroying Lotan, despite it seeming impossible for him to do.


For seven centuries, Maiikrob attempted in vain to destroy Lotan.[2][3] From atop his flying boat and with his harpoon, Maiikrob kept trying over and over so much that Lotan's destruction became his sole mission and destiny. Through unknown means, he knew the one weakness of Lotan was his center of being. Pierce that and he would cease to be.[4]

In 1997, Maiikrob arrived in New York City near the Firehouse and did battle with Lotan. Maiikrob was defeated. Egon Spengler used a modified defibrillator to provide an electrical charge compatible with Maiikrob's ecto-metabolism. It succeeded but Maiikrob declined the Ghostbusters offer to work together and stated he worked alone. Maiikrob declared if they got in his way, they'd be destroyed. However, after he once again failed to stop Lotan's attack on the city, Garrett Miller implemented reverse psychology and Maiikrob agreed to work alongside the Ghostbusters, sensing some courage within the mocking comments.

When Lotan attacked the John F. Kennedy International Airport, the Ghostbusters prepared to make a final stand. However, Roland Jackson warned them that their Proton Packs had begun to overload due to Lotan's presence. When Maiikrob revealed that Lotan's weakness was his center of being, Roland suggested feeding Lotan the unstable packs to destroy the center of being that way. Knowing the plan should succeed, despite that it was a "suicide mission," Maiikrob volunteered to do it. In one final attack, he leaped down Lotan's throat with the packs just as they went critical and exploded, destroying Lotan and saving New York City. Maiikrob was destroyed in the explosion as well, fulfilling his mission at long last and earning a hero's end.


  • Herman Melville's classic novel "Moby Dick" served as the basis for Maiikrob's obsession and conflict with Lotan.
  • Eduardo referred to Maiikrob as "Popeye" after a famous sailor cartoon/comic strip character.[5]


Extreme Ghostbusters


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