The Mail Fraud Ghost is a ghost that masks its appearance with the guise of a human postal deliveryman.


Prime Dimension

Jenny Moran sacrificed herself to stabilize the Containment Unit by willingly going inside it. The experimental Containment Observation TV was completed after a day's worth of work by Egon Spengler, Ray Stantz, Egon Spengler of Dimension 68-R, and Jillian Holtzmann of Dimension 80-C. Once the grid was stable and the monitor was ready, it was turned on. It worked and Ray inputted Jenny's P.K.E. signature. Jenny was found but a Mail Fraud Ghost came along and it charged at her. Ray was aghast but Holtzmann told him to slow down. Jenny punched out the ghost and its form lost cohesion. Holtzmann declared they were locked in there with her.

Dimension 68-R

On a Wednesday, Kiki, of Spooks Away, used her self-retracting plasma snare on a Mail Fraud Ghost in a post office. It was added to the group's Prediction Engine. The engine was later sabotaged by Ray Stantz but all the entities were combined into a Class 9 Mega-Entity. Luckily, Peter Venkman was able to lure him out with jelly doughnuts. The Mega-Entity became unstable and all the other entities broke free then escaped into the city.



IDW Comics


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